Success.  NY coordinates with Idiotho…er…I mean IdAho (don’t I?) and we get to speak easy.  What a fun guy!  You gotta read his column, too:  Sage Advice (link will go to archive in a week or two, so click now or pay to read.)

So, we talk the same talk — laughter.  This is good.  Sure beats grumpy wannabe clients who I keep saying “No” to, but they keep hearing “Yes.”  How does that work?

“But, Dawn…”

But Dawn nothing.   Dawn doesn’t DO bait-and-switch websites…which is what they want, though they’re trying to convince me that that isn’t what they’re up to.  (Don’t lie to me.  I can tell.  How?  Noses grow.) 🙂

So, welcome Steve, who has his own Category (called Steve Speaks) on this blog now, see it under Family & Friends.  Welcome, Steve.