This morning, I sat out front on a patch of lawn talking to one of our (Hubs & my) students.  He has a child starting Kindergarten next fall and today was Parent-Teacher Greet & Meet Day.  He’s a good father and a good husband.  He sat looking at books with his 3-year-old son while Mom, also one of our students, stood up and proceeded to start asking questions of teacher.  Seems that these questions became a stage, “Mom” taking over the entire session with questions, then redirects which were all glowing comments about their daughter and her abilities.  I guess it became quite noticeable that other parents in the room were beginning to get a mite bit testy about this, and, of course, “Dad” did the “Dad” thing, which was slink smaller and smaller into the corner rather than tugging on pant leg or saying some cryptic cue to wife that maybe she should put a sock in it, park her butt back down in her chair, and let somebody else ask their questions.

Wife’s comment upon leaving session (paraphrased): “I just can’t believe that nobody else had any questions.  Nobody said anything!”   

Oka-aaay.   Well, problem MIGHT be that nobody else could get a word in edgewise, not that they wouldn’t have liked to.  And she didn’t do her daughter, who was in the room, any favors, either.

Brain chatter, a very bad problem which translates into mouth chatter when, seeking self-substantiation and lacking self-confidence, noise is incessant, used to drown fear. -_-