Came Across This Video of a Martial Artist

Watch.  Pay attention to the details, not the “wows.”  Enjoy.  Work toward this level of excellence…but watch your knees on those drops.  Key’s to this level of mastery, perfect practice, and you MUST own root and center.  And, to get to this level, plan on training (meticulously) from youth to adulthood at least four hours if not eight or more hours a day, everyday, and then plan to continue to train for the rest of your life. 


  1. Those jumps off the building are impressive, but most of it looks like Wushu gymnastics. Look at the way they seem to hang suspended in mid air a split second longer than the laws of gravity would allow.

    More interesting is a real competition between different styles, like this video of Shaolin vs. Tae Kwan Do.

    Notice how they both spend a lot of time retreating? My favorite styles to watch are those in which the defense and offense happen in one smooth motion.

    Wouldnt it be great if martial arts were taught in public school PhysEd…instead of chasing a stupid ball around??? I would have eaten that up!

    Dawn, maybe you should start a martial arts summer camp for kids. 

    Oh wait…youd end up killing them all right?

  2. Dawn;

    I have always been a deep admirer of martial arts, because I don’t see it as a form of self defense, I see it as an empowering form of dance- a full awareness of space and an attmept to defy natural laws. It’s the grace and movement of the craft that always moves me- not the wow factor of the “brick breaking”

    In conclusion, I deeply respect experts at martial arts- their dedication to create beauty, intense power and grace in movement is nothing short of astounding.

    I really enjoyed watching this demonstration. Alas, it is too late for me now to get invovled…..

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