There’s a saying that “life isn’t fair.” Okay, in a Darwinian sense, that’s very true. It’s true because of chance and circumstance. However, humans try very hard to make things fairer…for themselves…and vehemently object to being treated unfairly by others. This objection to unfairness brought those. such as the Calvinites, who were persecuted for their beliefs in Europe and Britain to the “New World” in search of religious freedom for themselves…and went on to institute the very same, and, in some cases, more violent, persecutions against others who did not embrace their religious doctrine. Wanting fairness for themselves, they were willing to deny fairness to others. Don’t you find that hypocritical? I do (though, I don’t find it surprising.)

In Israel, the Jews, victims of genocidal persecution, in turn now persecute the Palestinians, including invidious methods of genocide– denying water, livelihood, and shelter. The Jews wanted fairness, but refuse to, themselves, be fair.

In the U.S. today, I see a great deal of this kind of hypocrisy embraced–the “I’ve got mine, and I’ll deny you yours” mentality. I find this level of unfairness based in intolerance unacceptable, yet the socio-political direction most evident through the media, in the workplace, and in interaction between people online and off demonstrates to me that we, having been purposely factionalized by power brokers playing us for pawns for their own agenda, are evermore embracing unfairness, intolerance, and injustice. I think we really need to pull ourselves up and take a keen look at who we are becoming.


  1. I feel like I must comment on this, because lately Hamas has been given a lot of sympathy. But basically, prior to the 1947-48 border drawn in a once nomadic land, all jews that live outside of Israel (northern Africa and the like), were made to live inside Israeli boarders. At the same time all muslims inside Israel, were made to live inside other boarders like Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon etc. Some muslims remained in Israel and some Jews outside. But most Jews ended up retreating to Israel, as it was difficult to live outside the Israel borders. Anyway, in this displacement most adjusted somewhat and formed nations. Most of Jordan populous became Jordanian, egyptians etc. Those that did not accept this situation that the Western world bestowed on them, created areas that bordered Israel for which today we call settlements or camps. There are still camps in Lebanon and Syria, and no one seems to talk about them.

    In 1967, when Israel was surprised attacked on all fronts, they occupied land in order to insure security, until peace was accomplished. In 1950, Jordan unofficial disowned the settlements known as the West Bank, and in 1988 they officially handed it over to Arafat the known terrorist and money launderer. He had no interest in leading the Palestinians to peace as he was sending money to his family in France. And, the Jordanians had no interest in dealing with a people that refused land in Jordan and refused to have peace or a two part resolution. The Palestinians wanted Israel. What they mean by “Right to Return” is that they don’t want Israel to have a state.

    Egypt on the other hand, had made peace with Israel and in its arrangement, Israel pulled its settlers off kicking and screaming. Granted, they should never have let them settle there in the first place, but they did after 20 years of occupation. But, settling shows bad intension. Anyway, Egypt did not want Gaza back. They said it was too much trouble. So my point is that neither Jordan or Egypt wanted to deal with the conditions or the psychology of the people who settled there. They knew it was a loosing proposition without compromise.

    Since then, there are a lot of Palestinians that might perhaps accept a two state solution, but they refuse to go to the table without Hamas. The Palestinian authority has shown their intentions to be good, as it has policed its people and shown peace to some extent. On the other hand, Hamas would still be sending in suicide bombers and worse, if Israel did not have check points. They haven’t had a suicide bomber for about 4 years now.  The boat inspections have gotten a lot of press these days, but basically, if the boats are willing to be inspected, as stated by the U.N., then they should have not troubles with supplies. By refusing inspections, they set an intention that either there is something to hide or they want PR. There have been several ships that have been found with weapons. Some say that Hamas should be able to defend themselves. But basically, they use offensive weapons for offensive attacks for which Israel responds. It’s perpetuating an endless war.

    Hamas has two options 1) fight 2) compromise.

    So yes, I agree that the conditions of Palestine is really a problem, but why don’t their own people show good intention and denounce terrorism, and why do the surrounding countries ignore their own people and their own camps? I hope the Palestinians find a true state or country, but this can only be had with the intension of true peace and that means telling their people to stop with their offense. Most importantly, peace means compromise. Instead I feel like they are trying to prove that Israel is the soul reason why they don’t have a country and why conditions are so bad. I feel like they would rather show bad PR Israel to gain sympathy for their cause. Instead, they should be stating their intentions clearly and stopping all strikes. Sometimes you have to give in to get.

    On the other hand, the Israeli’s need to pull their people out of the West Bank, just like they did in Gaza. This is just a bad move all the way around and one that should not have been allowed. But I do think that Israel has a right to strike back when hit and has the right to secure their boarder and water ways. At least until Hamas has proven to be peaceful.

    There has been a lot of press on how armed soldiers shoot at unarmed people, but basically it is PR. When someone want to cross a boarder without proper authority, the army steps in. When Hamas lobs shells, Israel strikes back. When Hamas brings in weapons in a box labeled sugar, Israel inspects. Wouldn’t any other country do the same?

    But this will go on and on until someone is the better man. The thing I can’t understand is why the world would support Hamas. Do they forget recent history? Talk about the religious right here, they have their own little youth army there.

    So I agree that the world in not fair. I agree that the children of Palestine deserve better. But, we can’t look to others to make our world better, we have to look inside ourselves. In a perfect world we would have no boarders. Maybe one day.

  2. I realize that you were trying to make a general statement about being fair. I mostly agree with you. But since you singled out the Jews, I had to comment.

    The media seems to be very slanted these days. One other point i would like to make here is that when the lines were drawn back in 1947-48, the Palestinians that lived in the Israel boarders previously, remained there. The surrounding countries convinced some Palestinians to leave and join them in force to fight against the “illegal” state of Israel. Some Palestinians remained in Israel and remain today. The others that left joined forces with the bordering countries and fought with them in 1967. They lost their battle and settled in areas surrounding Israel’s borders.So why am I rehashing history, only to prove a point about choice and intention.

    I think the media needs to get tough on Hamas and ask them, what do you mean by the “Right to Return”? Vagueness is not acceptable. Blame and fighting are no longer acceptable.

    There has recently been a policy change among Israel. They no longer wait for the lobbing of offensive shells. If they see one pointed in their direction, the target it. Unfortunately, Hamas likes to intertwine their civilians with their “army” and refused to police their people and make clear distinction between civilian areas and military areas. Perhaps, the Israeli force should pull back their strikes to show intent? It’s hard to do when you have history with Hamas.

    Also, we need to realize from where these weapons come. Russia is a big supplier to Iran, who controls Syria, who supplies to Hamas and Hasbala. We need to understand the big picture here and we need to get tough on people like Syria, who castrate children for standing at a peaceful protest. Unfortunately, the people of Syria have a bum deal, as do Libya and Iran. We have to realize that the leaders of these nations have no good intentions for their people.

    Sorry to clog-up your blog. I guess I feel someone should explain history for better understanding of how we may find a path to peace.

  3. You’re not clogging my blog, Lesley.  I respect your viewpoint and the effort it took to explain it. I realize that the political reality is much more complicated than my simplistic presentation.  That said, however, the persecution of innocents, as opposed to terrorists on the West Bank is reprehensible, in my opinion.  When dealing with aggressors, aggression is called for, but to cause undue suffering to people who have legitimate claim to their homes, farms, and lands, to occupy their space, deny them sustenance, deny them water, deny them the ability to a sustainable life, while a few feet away West Bank settlers (illegal settlers) live lives of relative abundance by comparison is unconscionable, in my opinon.

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