The Secret Republican Credo

The Secret Republican Credo: We the mega-corporations of the world do ordain and establish our goal to abrograte the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to ensure our world domination of all lands, peoples and resources to the enrichment of ourselves and our bank accounts utilizing the Tea Party and the Republican Party base of misguided religious fanatics, white trash, and human lemmings. Those who oppose us will be exterminated by deprivation; those who support us will be rewarded with enslavement and life termination when we determine they no longer sufficiently contribute to our bottom line or at age 45, whichever comes first.


  1. Not sure if I am a misguided religious fanatic, white trash, or a human lemming.  I don’t strictly adhere to the GOP party line at all times, but I find myself identifying with it more often then the Dem standpoint.  Allow me a moment to quote:

    I find this level of unfairness based in intolerance unacceptable, yet the socio-political direction most evident through the media, in the workplace, and in interaction between people online and off demonstrates to me that we, having been purposely factionalized by power brokers playing us for pawns for their own agenda, are evermore embracing unfairness, intolerance, and injustice. I think we really need to pull ourselves up and take a keen look at who we are becoming.

    The more I watch, the more I see intolerance on both sides.  I think the current progressive / liberal groups fit perfectly with your example of the Calvinists of your prior posting.  That is, they are tolerant of everyone who agrees with them.  Those that don’t are insulted, called names, and dismissed.

    It’s easy to be tolerant of those that agree with you.  It’s easy to find dismissive reasons of why the other person isn’t worthy of tolerance.  It’s *hard* to be tolerant of those that you disagree with.

    But that was the point of your last post, wasn’t it?


  2. First off, not all Republicans qualify as religious fanatics, white trash, or human lemmings.  Only those who follow without question, swallow lies and fabrications, and blindly obey.  Of course, the same can be said of Democrats…or any other political association’s adherents who, likewise, exhibit these same characteristics.  …And, no, you don’t sound like you qualify.

    Second: The whole point of all my posts is common sense and fairness.  I don’t find Democrats or Republicans, either one…nor any other political party in the U.S….and the world, for that matter, to be anything more than machines to empower themselves and screw anyone who doesn’t rigorously adhere to their dictates…and, yes, I mean dictates–subversively dressed up to look like high-principled values and guidelines. 

    I have no problem with being tolerant with those who are tolerant…except when it comes to child molesters, murderers, ethnic/racial/religious/sexual/ideological bigotry and prejudice.

    I DO have a problem with those who would dictate to anyone, and I mean anyone, who endorses cruelty, hate, the abrogation of personal freedom.

    I ESPECIALLY have a problem with corporations and organizations dictating to me my life, my thoughts, my life-style choices, my right to personally CHOOSE, whether that choice has to do with my body, my right to bear arms, my right to earn a living, my right to believe as I choose….

    So, now, where do we disagree?  I don’t really think we do…unless you trust a mega-corp with your life and liberty…which I don’t…which WAS the point of the original post.

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