Introducing…Barbi for Prez!

I sat in drop-jawed amazement when I heard that McCain, 72 years old with one foot in the grave already, named…who?  Palin?  For VP?  Ah….

Then I started sputtering.  Then I said some very unprintable things.  You see, Palin used public tax money to campaign for the continued cruelly barbaric annihilation of wolves in Alaska.  She’s about as anti-preservationist/anti-ecology as you can get, she’s all for killing wildlife and animals and trees and everything else not classified as human, but she thinks every fetus down to the zygote level, even if it’s the result of INCEST or RAPE, should be saved, saved, saved, this in a world suffering exTREME human overpopulation problems.  She’s a Fundy (Chirstian Fundamentalist) of the WORST variety, thinking she has the right to dictate what Americans will believe — Jesus Christ or get out of the country — and she’s BIG OIL…just like McCain is BIG OIL.  Her mores and ethics only hold for her cronies, and she’s perfectly willing to use any power at her disposal to punish those with whom she disagrees, doesn’t like, or considers enemy, ideological or any other way.  Her idea of fair treatment extends only so far as her good ol’ boys and gals.  That’s it.  And that’s not even scratching the surface of the ugliness she represents, either.  In short, I hate the woman.  I think she’s nothing but flushable — as in toilet contents…and I don’t mean water, either.  Synonyms for this woman?  Cruel, unkind, unthinking, backward, anti-American (as in Constitution & Bill of Rights), pro tyrrany.

But she’s definitely going to appeal to some just because:

She’s got great “face” — glow in the dark teeth, sparkly eyes, a very appealing to the guys feminity, and she’s well-schooled in how to be “whoever you want me to be” in public.

She’s looks like a (slightly used) dark-haired Barbi doll.

In other words, she looks VERY fuckable.

So, with McCain at 72, and Ms. Palin (oh, yeah, she likes Mrs.) at 44 and NO experience, what are the Republicans thinking?  That if McCain bites the big one…which is highly possible, that they’ve got a good face to plaster on TeeWee while they tell her what to think?

…You think?

I’m still drop-jawed.