You’ve come to this website, I’d venture to guess, because you want to know more about who I am–how I think, why I think that way, what I do, and how I do it.  I’m not sure I can provide you a tidy, succinct answer, but what I can do is show you a glimpse into “me” through my thoughts and ponderings, through my projects and how I approach them, through my creative expressions and client work, through my passions and perspectives.

I think conceptually and, often, panoptically rather than in a strictly linear, methodological stream.  Some find me extremely intuitive.  The core of my friends find me kind, feisty, delightfully droll, and, at times, just a tad bit blunt.

If I were to name my most notable failing, it’s being too honest.  If one of my favorite bosses, Aaron Knight, were to name my Achilles heel, it would be (and I quote) that I “think too much.”  Of course, he was pleased when I put his business “back in black” within a handfull of weeks after taking over operations, despite that “fault.” 


Two of my beloved dogs.  Bailey is no longer with us.  My wonderful, awesome Laddie is who Dree’s star Aussie dog is modeled on in my newly released Contemporary Western Romance novel, “Through Better & Worse, a Montana Love Story.”

Beloved Bailey

Beloved Bailey

Laddie, my Australian Shepherd

Wonderful, awesome Laddie


The Moochers!