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released November 29, 2019 (525pgs)
Created Evil, epic literary fantasy

Created Evil, epic fantasy

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 released  August 29, 2019 (263pgs)
Dawn's Flute Notes, Practical Advice for Flute Players from Practice Room to Stage

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MORE BOOKS & STORIES by D. L. Keur & her alter egos, E. J. Ruek, Aeros, and C. J. “Country” James.

Old Hickory Lane, a novel To Inherit a Murderer, a novel Slightly Disturbing Stories, an anthology A Gathering of Rebels, science fiction Through Better & Worse, Western Family Saga/Western Romance To Have & To Hold, Western Family Saga/Western Romance How to Write a Good Book in 17 Days Dead Chicken Coffee, an award-winning cyberpunk short story Lung Moon, another award-winning science fiction short story Critical Abandon, a science fiction short story Welcome to Your Nightmare, a science fiction short story spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer


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Created Evil, epic literary fantasy

Issue 12-4-2019


A writer, an artist, a musician, a videographer, and a webmaster, yes I do it all, plus. And I do it professionally. My books are all available at Amazon, our music is here, on FB, on YT, and on zentaomusic.com. I do a full range of graphic art and design. Since most people these days want book covers, my prices start at $280 USD and go up from there. Video? Videography is $10 USD per second up to 15 seconds, then $5 per second for every second over 15 seconds. Last, but certainly not least, are websites, which I've been coding since 1997: billboard, author, and non-commercial sites start at $500 USD for sites built on ubiquitous Wordpress. Hand-coded sites start at $1000 USD.


If you need help or advice about website problems, if you need a book cover template, help fixing or playing your flute, or whatever else you think I might be able to help you with, you may














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