Welcome to my website.  DLKeur.com is undergoing a complete rebuild.  I'm taking it from a dynamic website back to a flat file website, so, right now, there's some content on all of the pages, but nothing is yet complete.

Why am I doing this?

Because dynamically driven websites are becoming such huge hogs that, unless you keep them almost assetless, they're heavy on bandwidth.  And, of course, being a creative professional skilled in writing, art, video, and music, as well as website design and development, I like lots of assets — music files, videos, images....  Of course, I like the websites I build to be beautiful in their own right, as well, even when they contain no content.  Like this page(And, yes, what I think is beautiful might not be what you think is beautiful, but there it is. wink )  But they have to be functional and load well.  Never as quickly as Google wants, but, hey, Google isn't happy unless it's under a second, and that means almost no assets whatsoever.

Check back as I begin the rebuild and see what you think. You may hate it. You may love it. I guarantee, though, that it will load a helluva lot faster.





























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