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Book 2 of The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries is in the Works

After a small hiatus due to a very close friend developing some serious medical issues, I'm back doing what I'm supposed to be doing--finishing book 2 of The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries. The title has (almost) been locked in. It's to be called Stray Trouble, and here's the tentative cover for it.

Right now, I'm working through the final manuscript ...about a month behind my original schedule, but, as they say, yes, life gets in the way, sometimes, especially when it's one of your best friends who is in trouble. Once the manuscript is what I call 'author final', I'll be sending it on to my editors. Once back from them, I'll hit publish on Amazon for you, I promise.

In other news, you'll be pleased to know that, in the down time, I did get book 3 almost completely drafted. I've got some holes to fill, and everything is always subject to change, but it's already a pretty solid book.

One of the challenges I had writing Book 2, aside from my friend's dive into medical malaise, was the fact that search and rescue situations, especially those involving crimes, tend toward 'situation-and-resolve', so suspending the mystery for an entire book while maintaining tension can prove tricky. I think I've again managed to pull it off in book 2, but we'll let you all decide that.

And so, here's a sneak peek at the cover.

Book 2 of The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries by D. L. Keur

And so what happened to the audio of Book 1? Well, that went south with the aforementioned friend's illness. It's on drive, but I still have a good solid ten chapters of sound files to listen to and edit before it goes to mastering it for distribution. Who knows, I may never get that done, because writing the books comes first.


Book 1 of the The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries

Death Scent is now out in both print and eBook,

Book 1 of The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries was released April 19th in Large Print and April 29th in eBook.

Audio is recorded and undergoing editing and mastering, but the first four chapters are available to listen to on my blog ...which is linked into on the header. Once the audiobook is done being mastered, it will only be available on this website.  Look for discount coupons in my newsletter.

Book 2 is currently in the works with a tentative release date of July 30th.


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