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The Trans-Dimensional Shift Machine Let Loose

8 Months Research, a Breakthrough, So It’s Build Time

Inside The Dimensional Shift Machine, strip

Back in January, 2016, I quit publishing.  I had book #3 of the Country James series ready to throw to my editor and was pounding out the final manuscript of E. J.’s Come-Back Road, the second book of a planned three book series covering the life of one Dr. Warren Jeffries, DVM that started with Old Hickory Lane. I quit because I got a good solid look at the piracy numbers of just one of my titles.  Then, I got the rest of the numbers, too.  

Throughout 2016 and 2017, I published nothing.  And I was pretty darned sure that I would never publish another novel, not until piracy could be defeated (Ha! Dream on. Did a year of research on that and found no good solution.) Then I met author Laura Belgrave, mystery/crime author of the Claudia Hershey Mystery series.  Like a drip of water that slowly wears away stone, Laura got my rock hard petulance worn down bit by bit.  It took her until January of this year.  Then, once again, I began to research.

I’ve got a very interesting brain.  It works at its own pace, and, usually, that pace is quite fast.  Not this time.  I kept shoving data in, but got back …silence.  I shoveled in more data.  Then more again.  Still silence.  Eight solid months inputting more and more data; eight solid months of dead silence.  …Until last week, when, like gears finally starting to move once the penetrating oil does its job or like one of those strange flowers that takes months to form, then bursts open into full bloom all at once, the whole evaluation and conclusion precipitated from subliminal simmering into fully served answer.

So I tried it.

And it worked.

Now, I’m scurrying about, pulling out projects I built, then mothballed as unworkable, and all the pieces are hanging together quite nicely.

I’ll keep you posted on progress as I work through all the various branches of the project’s build. See you on the other side.Inside The Dimensional Shift Machine, DLKeur 2016 web



My books written under my own name as well as some of my various pen names.




I play flute and, sometimes, piano and keyboard. We might be releasing a Christmas album, if my arranger-husband can get some time off from driving semi-.

F. W. Lineberry's arrangement of Jethro Tull's Living in the Past for electrified flute and guitar


I host, build, maintain, and design a lot of websites. Here is a sampling …and, of course, you’re also visiting one right here. (Content or the lack thereof is the owner’s responsibility, not mine, so click at your own risk. 😀 ) If you need a website, I do occasionally take on new projects, time permitting. Query.



Video Artist

Country James novels book trailer

Yes, I make my own videos and sometimes even shoot my own footage. Sometimes I make them for others, too, when asked.




And, yes, again. I do a LOT of artwork for …everything else I do. For a good chunk of years, I did if for a living.  If you need something and can’t find it for free or for a pittance somewhere, yes I do custom jobs. I also still design book covers for a few, good authors.  My prices start at $150 and top out at $999, with an average of $400.  You get both eBook, print, and, at the higher price end, jacket cover for hardcovers.  Availability of my services is subject to space available in my work schedule. You may contact me here.  Or you can go over to zentao.com and use that contact form.


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