Having constructed websites since 1997, this is my perspective about them, including a short, simple list of 'do's and 'don't's.


Websites Should Be Beautiful as well as Functional

I don't care if the designer chooses 'Brutal' or some other design fad, a website should offer its visitors an effective, yet enriching experience.


Yes, 'Ugly' Can Be Beautiful

When done right. It takes an artist.



  1. K.I.S.S.
  2. Focused
  3. Well-Organized
  4. Well-Ordereed


  1. Don't Clutter: clutter distracts!
  2. Don't Pester: pestering annoys!
  3. Don't Employ deceptive or unethical practices.



Good Hosting for Newbies is Critical

This hosting service I can, in good conscience, recommend to newbies: Dreamhost

You'll notice that that Big Name companies are omitted. There's a reason for that. Beware.

Disclosure: I receive compensation from Dreamhost should you buy hosting from them. I endorse them because I've used them for decades and find them worthy.


I do build websites, but I'm very picky on who and what projects I'll take on. Cost starts at $3000 USD. Wordpress author sites start at $1000 USD. Unlimited phone consults for US residents. Everybody else in the world, communication is by email. References available upon request. Payment through PayPal.