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Videography with D. L. Keur


Sorry, I'm not taking on new videography clients at this time.


Videography covers a huge range of services, from actually shooting live video, editing footage, building videos from images and stock footage on to creating animations, and more.

I do a little of all of it for myself and for a handful of existing art clients. Mostly I keep it to simple animations, creating video from stock images and video stock, and editing live footage, including cleaning it up, adjusting color, and adding some special effects.

My forte in building video is creating experiences that are “disturbing” or uplifting. Functionally, I'm best at building conceptual videos and have a very good feel for creating product that's effective for voiceovers, soundtracks, and soundscapes, generating a unique experience for the viewer that presents well silently or with the sound on.


Time & Resource Intensive

Everything about video creation is time consuming and computer resource intensive. That's because I don't use templates, swapping out a generic set of images for custom ones set to the same parameters of size and duration. If you go over to some of the freelance sites, you'll find lots of videography services that offer that kind of service for very reasonable prices. Maybe in time I'll decide to create some templates to do cheap videos on the fly, but, right now, I'm more interested in exploring the creative and artistic side of video, experimenting as I go.


Examples of My Work


Examples of my work can be seen on,, on, and on various author websites around the Net. And, of course, you can see a few on my author page here. If you don't want to "travel", a couple I did to advertise books and my graphic art biz, are linked in below.