Privacy including GDPR

Plain and simple, I collect absolutely NO data about visitors to this site. At all. If you get a hold of me via my contact form, your email isn’t even added to my address book, and nothing is mined from the email message headers, either. Breathe easy. Relax.

Now, yes, if you sign up for my newsletter, MailChimp stores stuff, but I don’t. I'm completely disinterested in invading anyone's privacy, just like I hope everybody respects my privacy ...which I know they don't, but, hey, Machiavellian Monkeys exist, unfortunately. It's why I have my phone set to only receive calls from people I know. (Yes, I'm one of those kind of people. Frustrates the hell out of the politicians and the telemarketers. wink)

–D. L. Keur
























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