April 22, 2019

Had to make a doctor's appointment. Not happy about it, but there it is.

In other news, someone finally spoke the reality about the 800 pound guerilla. Not about books, indie authors, advertising, and self-publishing, but about the same reality as seen from the “tangible product” end.


It's very tough being inside a group where we know things, but can't speak about them. However, finally, somebody spoke up about it. Not that it matters. It doesn't change things. But at least there's some wool that got pulled away from eyeballs. For authors, this has been going on since last fall, and really ramped up in January of this year. Yet the “sell-you-the-winning-program-to-indie-sales-success” gurus ain't sayin' a word. Of course not. Indie authors are their bread and butter ...and BMWs.
























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