About D. L. Keur, Author

D. L. Keur, author and lots elsePublishing since the last couple of decades of the 20th Century, and self-publishing since 2013, I now choose to independently publish, enjoying the freedom and the control it gives me over my work. As an independent author, I write all kinds of books — novels and short stories, but some non-fiction, too. Usually, I write under several of my numerous pen names, like E. J. Ruek, C. J. “Country” James, plus "space fiction" under the name, Aeros. With the release of The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries, I decided to write as myself, mostly because many of the dogs included in these crime and search-and-rescue dog novels have been personal to my life.

As an author who delights in writing stories that I myself would want to read, The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries are the first novels and series of novels that I’ve written under my real name. For decades, I’ve cloaked my identity under pen names, even once deciding to self-publish instead of continuing the traditional publishing route. Convinced to by another author who has become a close friend and writing confidante, I decided to unveil my identity and allow readers to connect me with some of my fiction work.

Writing is my passion. Though, among other things, I’m an artist and musician, writing novels is where I lose myself in The Zone, immersed for hours, even, days, into the worlds that birth themselves in my brain to emerge out my fingertips. May you enjoy the results of my creative travels as much as I.



D. L. Keur, author of The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries

Death Scent is now out in both print and eBook,

Book 1 of The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries was released April 19th in Large Print and April 29th in eBook.

Audio is recorded and undergoing editing and mastering, but the first four chapters are available to listen to on my blog ...which is linked into on the header. Once the audiobook is done being mastered, it will only be available on this website.  Look for discount coupons in my newsletter.

Book 2 is currently in the works with a tentative release date of June 30th.


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