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About D. L. Keur, Author

D. L. Keur, author and lots elseI write books — novels and short stories, but some non-fiction, too.   The non-fiction and some of the short stories I write under my own name.   Mostly, though, especially for novels, I write under one and another pen names:   Aeros, E. J. Ruek, and C. J. “Country” James, are presently in use of my extensive list of monikers.   I even signed checks using my pen names.   That’s how seriously I had to hide my identity as a woman at the onset of my writing career.


Because, honestly, being a woman was a huge handicap unless you wrote literary-style stream-of-consciousness (while being somebody’s pet project at the Ivy League level …and it helped to live in Martha’s Vineyard or the Hampton’s).   Otherwise, you had to write childrens or YA, mysteries (mostly cozies), sword-and-sorcery, high fantasy, butterflies-in-the-tummy romance… — something “they” defined as ‘suitably female’.   If, like me, you wrote everything but, and though I felt my gender shouldn’t matter, it most definitely did.   It mattered to agents, publishers, and, especially, to readers.   So I started writing under pseudonyms and just never stopped.

Truthfully, even today gender matters …to readers. Readers of the style of work and of the genres I write tend to prefer — to trust — male authors.   Since I’m self-publishing most of my work, though, hiding my identity and gender doesn’t matter as much, because, once you read my work, you’ll either love it and be back for more, or move on.

I don’t write common fare.   Not at all.   I can …but, especially now, I don’t.   I think I do it well, but it’s nice to be recognized by gatekeepers like Folio Literary Management or top editors at Tor as well as the common reader.   (For me, the common reader’s good word means most, thanks.)   As John Ward so kindly put it: “…language is your plaything.”   High — the highest — compliment, that.   (Thanks, John!)



Indies Rising is a Reality

Good indie books and good indie authors are hard to find. I decided to make it easier.

Indies Rising, which opened 2-17-2019, features outstanding self-published, independent authors and their books so readers like you and me can find them.



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