I’m Really Getting Sick of Both Sides

Let’s face it: Democrats are wimps…for the most part.

Let’s face it: Republicans only vested interest is in holding power so they can better line their pockets by right of dictatorship.

Neither party is what it claims.

Republicans put on a good show about standing up for fiscal responsibility, yet took our country from a Clinton era budget surplus to a crushing budget deficit..which they then blame on…the Democrats (who sat around, hands in pockets, going along to get along, so, yes, they are ALSO responsible, right along with the then Republican majority.  Republicans also claim (vociferously) to be “for” rugged individualism and personal freedom, but they’re the first ones to abnegate the writ of habeas corpus, forbid personal choice, and violate the Bill of Rights, even to permitting illegal spying on U.S. citizens without a warrant.

Democrats, of course, claim they hold high the ideals of equality and opportunity for all and social responsibility, yet they’re the ones who promote quota systems like “Affirmative Action” that purposely enforce discrimination along with welfare systems that financially encourage young girls to produce out-of-wedlock children, hardly something that promotes social responsibility.

Republicans are FOR freedom, but against the right of a woman to CHOOSE?  How’s that?

Democrats are FOR social responsibility, but against punishing the criminal for his/her acts against another?

Republicans are FOR individualism, but demand that everyone be heterosexual and Christian?  Or what?

Democrats will roll over…like they did for G. W. Bush, just to avoid conflict?  What would they have done if G. W. had been Hitler…or, just as bad, Chaney?  I’ll tell  you: They’d have gone along to get along.  “Yes’m Bossman. Yes’m.”

I could go on, but won’t.

What it comes down to is that Republicans are vicious, acting like vindictive women when they don’t get their way (Laura, I hope you’re reading this.), and Democrats, other than Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, act like cowering, spineless sneaks who lack any convictions whatsoever excepting those which avoid facing conflict.

What is completely scary about Republicans is their insistence that I must hold the values they demand, and act in accordance with their dictates. That’s freedom? Ah, no.

What’s scary about Democrats is that they, as a body, are scared to stand up for what they believe to be right and just…if they ever figure out what they actually might want to grow balls to stand up for, AND they will sell the American people down the road if it means they can avoid conflict.

Both parties are ONLY out to line their pockets and gain as much power as they possibly can. To do that, they have to keep the American people in an emotional uproar about as many contentious socio-political issues as possible, then dun us all, all the time, to donate them more and more and more money, honey.

Sorry, guys and gals.  I’ve turned a deaf ear.  Go grab your own ankles.