LUDICROUS!!! Chefs in The Cage!

What kind of a society are we?  Everytime I think we’ve reached a new low, somebody comes along to demonstrate just how insipid, perverse, even despicable, Americans and their trends to embrace violence as “the answer to everything” REALLY are.

It seems that to gain prestige in the world of American haute cuisine, we now have battles of the chefs?


Bad enough that we have The Cage and MMA–bludgeoning battles between meatheads out to prove they’ve got balls–events which promote even more violence than old-fashioned, equally ludicrous “pro wrestling” and that blood sport of pugilism known as “boxing.”

Now, though, it seems, that to promote anything and everything to the mindless masses, it comes down to knives, fists, and guns in order to lure the American viewer?  Really.  Blood sport in the kitchen?  Knives at sunset?

Just look at those “mean machine” scowls.  *shaking my head*

If this is “entertainment” to some, those “some” need lobotomizing.

Are Americans SO very addicted to competition and violence that we resemble the Romans with their amphitheaters where conscripted gladiators battled each other, captive humans, and starved animals to the death for the “entertainment” of the citizens?

In a word, YES. That’s what a majority of Americans seem to thrive on.

Sick.  Sick.  Sick.