Abortion Versus The Save Every Fetus Crowd

I’m certainly more in favor of pregnancy prevention than abortion, but I’m totally against having a woman carry a fetus to term who, A) doesn’t want it, and/or B) can’t afford it. I think abortion for those who desire it NEEDS to be an option in an enlightened society. We don’t need to go back to “back alley” abortions, something that killed my grandmother when her husband, my grandfather, threatened to leave her if she got pregnant again. Of course, she got pregnant again because good ol’ granddad couldn’t keep it in his pants and blamed HER for getting pregnant because of his lust.

Anti-abortion folks hold their misguided sense of saving babies for JEEESUS or whatever god-head they claim as sacrosanct savior. Yet, they same folks decry payments to welfare moms.

Anti-abortion folks need to “put it back in their pants,” “it” being their religious-based insistence that we all, every last one of us, need to follow their sense of moral code and ethics. No we don’t. You’re extremists, fanatics, and completely irrational, proven by your dissonant positions which holds that, while abortion shouldn’t happen at all, regardless of circumstance, that supporting the resulting unwanted child is not your financial and social problem.