It’s My Life, My Telephone, My Email.

It always amazes me how absolutely stupid businesses and marketers are.  You’d think they’d get a clue…but they don’t.  Well, here it is spelled out: It’s MY telephone.  I pay for it.  You don’t.  That means that it’s MY tool, MY communication device, to use when I wish.  It is NOT your ticket to my ear.  If and when YOU start paying the bill, maybe then you have a right to use it…but I won’t be listening.  Same with my email, and the same with my life.  Go suck something toxic.  Oh, and, just so you know, the more messages you leave, the more spam you send, the more junk mail and packages you leave in my real mailbox and at my front door, the more you receive bad marks and bad press, and, psst, everybody knows word of mouth advertising, bad or good, is the very best advertising money CAN’T buy. *snicker*  Ah…Facebook folks?  You might take a page from this for yourself.  Don’t think your solicitations go unnoticed.  They don’t.  They get you LOADS of bad press.