Site Update Almost Complete for

So, knowing I had to move to SSL encryption since last year (2015), I finally got around to actually doing it. (This site is almost done. Still running the broken link checker, but, chances are, that won’t affect you much.) Now for the ‘why’ and a tinyeducation on owning a real website.

A) It’s expensive to own and run a website. Yes. Honestly, it is.
B) If you own and run your own website…and even if you just use a freebie, you are going to need to go SSL. SSL uses useless encryption, but it’s becoming the web standard necessity if you want folks to be able to visit your website. Mozilla Firefox and other top line browsers will soon be disallowing visits to non-encrypted sites. It’s the difference between http: and https: in the address (for those of you who can actually see that). And you will need a legitimate, rather than self-signed, certificate.