Rules Do Not Apply, (Old, slightly corrupted file)

Rules Do Not Apply, composed by F. W. Lineberry, performed by F. W. Lineberry and D. L. Keur. (First half is simple and melancholy, then heats up to a heavy metal/classical experience to end in bang-crash dissonance at the end.  I hadn’t played piano in like ten years when I did this for Forrest, and, now, I’m just as rusty as I was back then when I sat down on the spinet and pounded this out, Forrest miccing it using tube socks to tie the mics to the front legs. We were dirt poor at the time. Still aren’t a whole lot less poor, but a bit. That’s Forrest on guitars, synth, and drums, using overdubbing on a Tascam unit to get it all, since there were no other musicians around to help.