My life at the moment…

Well, the good news is that my eyes are getting better…as long as I don’t look at a computer screen too much, and especially if I don’t read work that uses movable type…which means stay away from blogs, online newspapers, most forums….  If it is static type, it doesn’t bother me, go figure.  So that’s the good and bad of it.

Gripes:  Writers.  Too much to go into at the moment.  My decision?  I’m cutting them loose. They can make it or break it on their own.  I don’t need the abuse.  I don’t need the headaches.  I don’t need the financial drain.

More gripes: Sandpoint, Idaho.  Oh, can we see the mayor sign the green bill?  And then what?  Cut more big trees down to make way for yet more development — non-green development.

And last but not least: Petulant men and women whose only goal in life is to get their way — men and women driven only by selfish desire.