Taking a Breath…Or Is It Limbo?

I seem to be stuck in some sort of hazy holding pattern today — very unlike me.  Tuesday, I watched Obama become President, and, as someone else said somewhere, I can proudly say “my President” again, something that has not been true for eight, if not sixteen, years, but especially these last eight with GW Asshole.  Wednesday and Thursday were hell days, though.  Kind of a “back to work” nightmare with emergencies to handle with a client’s email and DSL troubles and bookkeeping/tax work to accomplish.  Then there was the “lasted into the wee hours” meeting with business associates.  After all that, I went to bed promising myself that I would get back into my “regular working routines” tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow is today, and today was like this vague daze.  I walked around unable to even contemplate doing anything productive.  Oh, I tried, all right, but every time I sat down to approach a project, my brain just went on standby.  I couldn’t even line out a decent priority to-do list of what remains on my plate to get finished by the end of the month.

Just not like me.

My mother calls it taking a breath.  Or is this limbo? Whatever it is, I can’t seem to fight it, so I might as well take the rest of what’s left of today off with good will and acceptance.


On a positive note ending this post, when the WordPress told me “no misspellings found,” it gave me a grin.  Thanks, WP.  I needed that!