No Vid, Just Facts in Bullets, Please

No_Video_play_buttonI click to go check the latest news. What do I get? Videos that either auto-start, else a video window with a start button. My eyes seek somewhere for an alternative text version–just the facts, please, no talking heads, no editorial commentary, no anchor, no jabbering reporter in the field talking to a lens. There isn’t one. I click gone, seeking my choice of alternative. I always knew I was different. The world wants to watch; I prefer reading. Here’s why: It’s faster to read.

I can read and digest the pertinent portions faster than some talking head, an anchor, or a field reporter with his/her camera person can deliver me their impression of “what’s happening.” For me, saving time is crucial, and, honestly, I’m not interested in somebody else’s ‘take’ on the facts. I just want to know what happened in the most concise manner possible. An article allows me to do that. It lets my eyes scan through the lines to find out the pertinent details without all the inessential trappings (like some prettied up reporter or anchor) and without all the extra hyperbole and drama.

Just the facts, please, preferably in a concise, efficient bulleted list.