Troubled Pursuit-I’m Having an Awesome Time Writing It For You.

Jessica Anderson Book 6 cover. The book has been full of surprises for me as an author. The police procedural part got written straight through …except for the very tense ending which I tend to avoid doing until there’s no other choice …because it takes me hours to recover from the stress. (Authors, at least this author, live the scenes as they write them, so your body’s adrenaline rush gets to you.)

The book is already on pre-order and it says it has a release date of mid-August. I’m planning on a much sooner release, but we’ll see, won’t we?

Meanwhile, it’s been a real kick experiencing the ongoing SAR and HRD ops that Jessie and her wonder mutts execute, sometimes with the whole team involved. And Landon? People keep throwing wrenches into his attempt to keep an ordered life, especially his new house guest, Dr. Sol Preston!

This update happened because I just finished another scene that thrilled me!

Okay. Back to your regular activities, now, as I get back to writing. 🙂

Just released: The 1st Promise

Only $4.99 / Free on KU
There’s got to be two of them, Aaron decided. It was the only way. Nobody could go from sweating in a kitchen to model perfect in the time between aprons coming off and the dinner chime. Gotta be a twin she’s hiding around here somewhere.

He grinned at the thought. One for each arm. Then rethought it. Two she-wolves, teeth bared and biting. “Hmmm. …Nope.”

The 1st Promise. a novel

For Those Wondering …Yes, More Books are Coming

For those of you wondering, yes, there are many more books coming in the Jessica Anderson K-9 Mystery series. I’m in the middle of book 6, right now, but also working with another author on a different series …that also includes a dog–a bull mastiff (wonderful dogs, those, by the way). I know that everybody wants more. And there are more. Jessie’s story is ongoing …as Search and Rescue is ongoing and Jessie and her dogs are skilled and dedicated to seeking out the missing! Hugs, Dawn, the author.

Dead Falls, Book 5 Now Available

Dead Falls, Book 5 of The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries is now available at

The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries

Clean, safe reading
No sex, gore, or profanity.

(And–spoiler alert–yes, dear reader, absolutely no dog dies in this book, either.)

NOTE TO FANS: This is an ongoing series. It doesn’t stop here. Book 6 is already in progress.

Reading the series in order is recommended. The first four Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries books are available at Amazon in both print and eBook format
They are:

The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries

In Case You Want to Give Them for Christmas, Here’s a Box Set.

Somebody who loves The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries and wants to give them away to friends for Christmas—Thanks for the idea, Audrey—suggested I make a box set like other authors do …so I did. Unfortunately, I can’t make print book box sets. Amazon doesn’t have that capability …yet, though they say they might in the future. But I can do an eBook box set, so I did. The first three books are now available in one eBook box set that saves you money—the first three books for only $9.99.  Enjoy.

Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries box set