Jessica Anderson K-9 Mystery Book 7 Underway

I keep being asked, so I’m posting a memo for you all.  Yes, right now I’m writing Book 7 of The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries.  Most definitely. 😀 How many books will be in the JA series?  As many as it takes to tell it all.  Right now, it’s mapped through book 12.

For fans for The 1st Promise, The 2nd Promise is with beta readers.  Carole Hill and I hope to release it the end of September.

Troubled Pursuit, Book 6 of the Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries

Troubled Pursuit, Book 6 of the Jessica Anderson k-9 Mysteries
Copyright 2023 D. L. Keur, and

RELEASED: July 12, 2023

AVAILABLE AT AMAZON IN EBOOK (3.99) and PRINT.  Also available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Jessie & her dogs step right into the crosshairs of the desperate.

Missing kids, a missing mom, and a headless cadaver confound the Office of the Sheriff and lead Jessie and her dogs deep into the wilderness in search of someone determined not to be found. But the kids are there. So is the killer.

The story of a woman and her beloved dogs who keep on trying, though time is running out.

Clean, safe reading
No sex, gore, or profanity.

(And–spoiler alert–yes, dear reader, absolutely no dog dies in this book, either.)

NO AI content, guaranteed. All original D. L. Keur.

NOTE TO FANS: This is an ongoing series. It doesn’t stop here.


Mysteries are mental mazes, and this one had me going …and going. First, I couldn’t see the connection …and, even when the characters made the connection for me, it took till the end for me to slap my forehead and groan. Well done, D. L. Keur. And, as usual, the book tears at your heart and makes you laugh, too. And then, of course, there’s the consequences to BOTH my dog’s and my diet. The food!! Beware the food scenes! —L. L. Alexander, freelance editor

I am so glad that somebody believes in good and, no matter what, kept going to find the missing. I was so afraid, but, when the end came, the rewards were worth the nail-biting tension. A really good read! —Joanne Robinson, mystery lover

I think what I like best about this author’s work is that the handling is consistently real. I went back and read the first four that I had not read before being asked to beta read number 5, Dead Falls, and reading that in beta, before editing, I was hooked. So when number six came my way, I jumped in. This author knows her world, her characters, and the life and story situations are so real it makes one wonder if this isn’t actually non-fiction dressed as fiction. I really feel like, were I to travel to Idaho and chase them down, they’d be there real-time. Troubled Pursuit is an excellent book and a great continuation of a great series. —Mark Peterson, crime and mystery reader

Troubled Pursuit-I’m Having an Awesome Time Writing It For You.

Jessica Anderson Book 6 cover. The book has been full of surprises for me as an author. The police procedural part got written straight through …except for the very tense ending which I tend to avoid doing until there’s no other choice …because it takes me hours to recover from the stress. (Authors, at least this author, live the scenes as they write them, so your body’s adrenaline rush gets to you.)

The book is already on pre-order and it says it has a release date of mid-August. I’m planning on a much sooner release, but we’ll see, won’t we?

Meanwhile, it’s been a real kick experiencing the ongoing SAR and HRD ops that Jessie and her wonder mutts execute, sometimes with the whole team involved. And Landon? People keep throwing wrenches into his attempt to keep an ordered life, especially his new house guest, Dr. Sol Preston!

This update happened because I just finished another scene that thrilled me!

Okay. Back to your regular activities, now, as I get back to writing. 🙂

A New Series in the Making

Yes.  That’s right.  I’m writing a new fiction series.

No.  I’m not going to tell you much about it, yet.  It will be a surprise.

But I will share this: It features a female protagonist.  It’s set in today’s rural West (as in U.S. West), but, unlike Through Better & Worse and To Have & To Hold, it’s NOT a Western Family Saga, and it’s certainly not Modern Western Romance.  It’s got absolutely no profanity and no sex.  It’s got no ‘gruel’ — no gratuitous cruelty, gore, and/or barbarism.

Will you like it?  I think a lot of people will, yes.

Why am I writing it?  Because I need something in my catalog that will appeal to a broader audience than my more literary efforts.

I write good books.  But, unfortunately, what I’ve published doesn’t fit neatly into a genre.  This series will, though.  This series will fit right into one major fiction genre that people love.

More later.

Mystery Cover


The Trans-Dimensional Shift Machine Let Loose

8 Months Research, a Breakthrough, So It’s Build Time

Inside The Dimensional Shift Machine, strip

Back in January, 2016, I quit publishing.  I had book #3 of the Country James series ready to throw to my editor and was pounding out the final manuscript of E. J.’s Come-Back Road, the second book of a planned three book series covering the life of one Dr. Warren Jeffries, DVM that started with Old Hickory Lane. I quit because I got a good solid look at the piracy numbers of just one of my titles.  Then, I got the rest of the numbers, too.  

Throughout 2016 and 2017, I published nothing.  And I was pretty darned sure that I would never publish another novel, not until piracy could be defeated (Ha! Dream on. Did a year of research on that and found no good solution.) Then I met author Laura Belgrave, mystery/crime author of the Claudia Hershey Mystery series.  Like a drip of water that slowly wears away stone, Laura got my rock hard petulance worn down bit by bit.  It took her until January of this year.  Then, once again, I began to research.

I’ve got a very interesting brain.  It works at its own pace, and, usually, that pace is quite fast.  Not this time.  I kept shoving data in, but got back …silence.  I shoveled in more data.  Then more again.  Still silence.  Eight solid months inputting more and more data; eight solid months of dead silence.  …Until last week, when, like gears finally starting to move once the penetrating oil does its job or like one of those strange flowers that takes months to form, then bursts open into full bloom all at once, the whole evaluation and conclusion precipitated from subliminal simmering into fully served answer.

So I tried it.

And it worked.

Now, I’m scurrying about, pulling out projects I built, then mothballed as unworkable, and all the pieces are hanging together quite nicely.

I’ll keep you posted on progress as I work through all the various branches of the project’s build. See you on the other side.Inside The Dimensional Shift Machine, DLKeur 2016 web