Life Update

Life is a bit of a mess, but I’m managing…almost.  Worked on someone’s bookcover which I’ll post over on my art blog later today or tomorrow when I get two breaths to “make it so,” doing a bid for a CD package, working on a leafy tee, practicing to play Zappa with Forrest in a guitar/flute duo, taking care of the home front, Mom, the animals, the plants, and trying to get up the gumption to finish a manuscript, something that’s been on hold since before Christmas.  Oh, and I have to prepare invoicing. In a word, I’m scramblingly busy.

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  1. Hi, Dawn, I just found your website after you became facebook friends with Amelia Stine. Amelia is my sister-in-law since I married her brother, Joseph Leber, many many years ago. Sorry we never got to meet. You seem like a very interesting and talented person. I’ve started and stopped many novels over the years, but never seem to be able to finish any of them. Millie called today to tell us about your mother’s health problems. We certainly send our best wishes your way. She is also quite a remarkable woman and I am so glad that I did get to meet her several years ago. Take care. Lora Leber

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