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A Friend Who Writes Good Books & Gives Them Away Free

author Marva DasefQuest for the Simurgh, a YA Fantasy Adventure ThrillerI have a friend, and she writes books–lots of books. Her name is Marva Dasef, and she calls herself The Cellophane Queen…because nobody seems to notice her or how good her books are.

Why is that I wonder?

It’s not as though she doesn’t have a very strong online presence and thousands of followers on FB, G+ and all those other social networks. It’s not as though she doesn’t have multiples of books available in every known format from dead tree print to audio to every possible variety and kind of eBook platform.

And she’s got good ranking on Amazon, to boot.

But, gee, I guess nobody much is…what? Into magic and mystery and adventure stories for middle graders? Likes a good mystery written for adults? Or true stories of the Old West?



Try ’em. You’ll like ’em.

Today, Marva is offering her YA Fantasy adventure for free. It’s called Quest for the Simurgh, Faizah’s Destiny, and you can find it here at Amazon.com–“The gods are at war and only a farmer’s daughter can save the world from Armageddon.”