Sport Jock-Rapist Brock Turner & the Privilege of Wealth in America

I’m betting that “white male privilege” is being bandied around about rapist Brock Turner’s light sentencing. But it’s not. It’s about ‘wealth privilege’. Wealth gets you a lot of perks. So does being a sports jock, especially one with Olympic potential. Poor baby has no taste for prime rib-eye steak, now, he’s so upset about his conviction. Poor baby is depressed. Poor baby is going to have to register as a sexual offender the rest of his life. Oh, poor baby.

But the woman he raped? Oh, well. You know, it doesn’t matter that she’s going to suffer the consequences of his “20 minutes of action” as his wonderful dad put it for THE REST OF HER LIFE.

You know what poor little Brock Turner is REALLY upset about? That he didn’t get off scot-free. He was supposed to, don’t you know. After all, he’s a jock. After all, he’s a star athlete. After all, he’s the child of privilege.

But, then, he almost is getting off scot-free. Had he been poor White, Black, Native, Asian, or Latino, he’d be in for years, not mere months. And he certainly wouldn’t be staying at the county jail. He’d be in the state pen.

But, worse is Judge Persky. I can’t figure how a judge could even consider such a light sentencing. Maybe the Turners slipped him a bribe. Only thing that makes sense to me.

As for Brock-y-baby’s daddy, I’m very certain he’d be singing a whole different tune if it was HIS daughter who got raped by some jock having “20 minutes of action”. You think?

A Rape Culture? Humans ARE Specialists.


I’m so tired of “new” feminists and their male proponents. I’m tired of the attempts to culturally castrate men…and other women, for that matter. I’m tired of people mouthing the words ‘rape culture’, when, honestly, they have their heads up their varied anatomical holes about rape.

I was raped–sexually, in fact. I didn’t talk about it for years…decades. I rarely speak of it, now.  Why? I was traumatized. Brutally. Because the rape was brutal, done by a bunch of jocks–yes, gang-raped by those privileged boys, black, brown, and white, whose ‘bad boy’ behavior and aggression society–almost ALL human societies–encourages and celebrates.

Do we live in a ‘rape culture’? Really? You bet we do. And it ain’t just the men.  It ain’t just them who have a penis and testicles. Women rape, too. And I’m NOT limiting this to sexual violation, folks. Rape is an act of domination, of overpowering and subjugating others. And it isn’t limited to males dominating, overpowering, and subjugating women or even men dominating, overpowering, and subjugating other humans, regardless of gender. Women are just as guilty of raping those around them, both women, especially women, as well as men. They may not commit a sexual violation to do it (though some do that, too, and, yes, even to men) but they do, in fact, practice forms just as or even more onerous…because they are HUMAN.

Humans are specialists in domination–dominionism. They are specialists in subjugating others–hierarchy. They are specialists in overpowering anyone and anything they can–oppression. It’s the nature of humans to do so. It’s how primitive humans survived hostile environments to become what they think is the top of the food chain–by subjugating, overpowering, and dominating.  To change that, you’re going to have to change YOU and the entire species. Genetic tampering would do it. Attempting to dominate, subjugate, and overpower your perceived victimizer is only perpetuating more rape, that is you raping–subjugating, overpowering, and dominating–those you blame as YOUR rapists.