I Must Have Hit a Nerve!

*Laughing.* Over on the GreenPeace forum, I had Ms. MaryPoppins-mod, a clappy-handies, oh-isn’t-it-wonderful-see-what-we’re-doing-to-make-the-world-green neophyte, read me a new waste portal via the reputation comments (unanswerable, by the way, so there’s no chance for dialogue) and all because I dared point out some truths, and to counter with facts from my own lifestyle a snot-sayer I’ll call NeverRight who consistently has cursed me, called me everything but cunt, and who has never been reined in for castigating me.   Funny.  She called me “counter-productive,” amongst other more pointedly venomous things, blaming the tone of the forum on “youth.”  Um…no.  Not youth.  Some youth, but also some adult, some middle-aged, and some aged seem to be the demographics.  This is all very interesting on a forum which is supposed to be “green,” run by one of the biggest, most “in the news” green organizations on the planet.  This GreenPeace International forum called Louder Than Words, however, is anything BUT green.  You can’t be green if only half of your active participants are colored that way and the other half are pro-whaling, pro-sealing, pro-development, anti-preservation, and doubt climate change. 

So why am I laughing?

Because here we have people all arguing over whether the house is actually burning, and, even if it is, is this a bad thing while the house turns to ashes and its inhabitants die…all on a GREENPEACE forum!

Clap on, MaryPoppins and the rest of you, clap on.  Hope you like turning into burnt marshmallows with the rest of the biosphere.  Meanwhile, watch those damaged nerves.   The pain you feel just might open up your minds.

ADD/EDIT: Got this from a friend over there a bit ago after I posted this: “The moderators really only want `fluffy bunny don`t rock the boat types`.”

Well, that’s NOT me.  And, as far as I’ve seen, it ISN’T GreenPeace, either.  Guess the mods must be employed by Chevron.