Why are American’s Angry?

Whether you’re a right winger, a left-winger, a progressive, regressive, or even *gasp* an independent/centrist/middle-of-the-roader–heck, enven if you’re a fence-sitter–I bet, like me, you’re mad as hell at the state of our union.

1 ) Not enough good paying jobs of any sort to go around for people who want to work.

2 ) Too many illegal aliens, a lot of them bad apples, entering this country.

3 ) Too many illegal aliens willing to work for low wages in this country making it a boon to employers who want cheap labor.

4 ) Too many employers getting away with hiring illegal aliens, abusing them, and paying them wages a dog couldn’t eat on.

5 ) Too many Wall Streeters making money by trading off American livelihoods.

6 ) Too many media moguls slanting everything to benefit their bottom line instead of doing their jobs of reporting unslanted news.

7 ) Too many stupid laws that concern things best left up to the individual.

8 ) Too many good laws being ignored and violated because it pays somebody’s bottom line.

9 ) Criminals walking around free with open access to guns and explosives while law-abiding citizens are denied the right to carry weapons.

10 ) Too much focus by elected officials on getting re-elected instead of doing their jobs.

Add your own below.