Why are American’s Angry?

Whether you’re a right winger, a left-winger, a progressive, regressive, or even *gasp* an independent/centrist/middle-of-the-roader–heck, enven if you’re a fence-sitter–I bet, like me, you’re mad as hell at the state of our union.

1 ) Not enough good paying jobs of any sort to go around for people who want to work.

2 ) Too many illegal aliens, a lot of them bad apples, entering this country.

3 ) Too many illegal aliens willing to work for low wages in this country making it a boon to employers who want cheap labor.

4 ) Too many employers getting away with hiring illegal aliens, abusing them, and paying them wages a dog couldn’t eat on.

5 ) Too many Wall Streeters making money by trading off American livelihoods.

6 ) Too many media moguls slanting everything to benefit their bottom line instead of doing their jobs of reporting unslanted news.

7 ) Too many stupid laws that concern things best left up to the individual.

8 ) Too many good laws being ignored and violated because it pays somebody’s bottom line.

9 ) Criminals walking around free with open access to guns and explosives while law-abiding citizens are denied the right to carry weapons.

10 ) Too much focus by elected officials on getting re-elected instead of doing their jobs.

Add your own below.

Love VS Lust Discernment Problems?

I just saw this Facebook ad: “A story chronicling the college years of a young woman as she struggles to distinguish love from lust.” I am just laughing my **** off. So young women today don’t know the difference between love and lust? Really? You can’t tell when it’s your pheromones kicking that’s getting you “hot” versus when it’s your heart and mind that truly admires and desires to be with someone forever? That’s really sad. But, then, I suppose that’s been true of a lot of girls and women who put sex as high on their list of priorities versus friendship. Here’s a hint: marry your best friend…after living together for a few years, of course, to make sure the relationship really is a “forever” thing. And don’t have kids until that marriage has made it without them for a solid five years.

Focused on My Art

Since my injury in a car accident last year effectively ended my ability to teach martial arts to anyone less than at least a black belt who owns the necessary discipline and self-control, I’ve had the freedom to pursue my own art without a thought to “the next lesson.” It’s wonderful–the freedom to go full out…now that the doctors have released me to do so.  I’m still working my way back, but it’s so freeing to be able to concentrate fully on my own center, my own essence, my own art. And the sword–I’ve picked that back up, too, though not when there’s anyone about.  Today, dwelling in movement in moment, there came that unity of self with environment that I so thrill to–an awareness in self stillness where all sound and movement, my own and nature’s, blend and unify–the sound and movement of the grasses as the wind rustles each blade in chorused unison, my own movement and inner being completely harmonized within. An absolute self immersion within Way. I look forward to more and deeper stillness of being–deeply moving, silent, still–and I look forward without ever again having to give thought to student needs. I think teaching sacrifices too much. Better to be and do.

Hide It; Mute It

“I  wish you wouldn’t do that.”

Those words come often to my ears from others–particular others–others who wish I didn’t speak my mind, others who wish I didn’t post my honest thoughts about life, humans, and the world. These “others” are, to a body, very adept at not speaking their minds, not posting their thoughts, and at hiding their feelings on any given matter under palliative grunts and meaningless obfuscating verbiage…except around me. In a word, when it comes to speaking their true thoughts on something to someone who might not agree or like what they have to say, they’re wimps, one and all, preferring to let everyone think them in agreement.

Well, that’s not me, not my way–never has been, never will be. I’m the fresh air girl. I’m the “expose the mildew to the sunshine” person. I’m a believer that, when it comes to honesty about things I find to be important, say it straight and right out loud.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I think that some troglodyte with an I.Q. down in the 30’s needs to hear that they’re dumber than a fence post. However, when someone has the capacity to understand and comprehend, then, yes, they should be told the truth. It doesn’t have to be done cruelly, not unless they themselves deserve such treatment (Can you say ‘Palin’?). It does need to be said, though, especially when not saying something will result in further destructive behavior. To do less is a disservice to them, oneself, and to the world, in my opinion.

So, we don’t see eye to eye on this subject. But then we don’t see eye to eye on my hanging out undergarments to dry on the line, either. They think it’s embarrassing. I think it’s perfectly fine, not in the front yard, perhaps, but certainly in one’s own backyard. I mean, gee, everybody (of the right sex) wears bras, and absolutely everybody does wear underwear…or at least most do, right? I’m sure we’ve all seen these items before…in the stores, at least, true? So what’s so embarrassing?

Oddly enough, these same folks, and there are truly several I deal with regularly, don’t have a problem with me hanging out sexy lingerie, go figure. It’s the brassieres and underwear they have a problem with. It’s the honest opinions and sometimes controversial, even antagonizing, thoughts I speak they want muted.

Today’s Funny

So, do tell me, spammers: what does hair style info have to do with premium hotel rooms? Or, for that matter, what does replacing windows have to do with cosmetic hair removal info? Or…oh, never mind. I realize you’ve not got a clue. I just find a quick content check what the spam filters siphon off the server to be hilariously ludicrous.