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Hide It; Mute It

“I  wish you wouldn’t do that.”

Those words come often to my ears from others–particular others–others who wish I didn’t speak my mind, others who wish I didn’t post my honest thoughts about life, humans, and the world. These “others” are, to a body, very adept at not speaking their minds, not posting their thoughts, and at hiding their feelings on any given matter under palliative grunts and meaningless obfuscating verbiage…except around me. In a word, when it comes to speaking their true thoughts on something to someone who might not agree or like what they have to say, they’re wimps, one and all, preferring to let everyone think them in agreement.

Well, that’s not me, not my way–never has been, never will be. I’m the fresh air girl. I’m the “expose the mildew to the sunshine” person. I’m a believer that, when it comes to honesty about things I find to be important, say it straight and right out loud.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I think that some troglodyte with an I.Q. down in the 30’s needs to hear that they’re dumber than a fence post. However, when someone has the capacity to understand and comprehend, then, yes, they should be told the truth. It doesn’t have to be done cruelly, not unless they themselves deserve such treatment (Can you say ‘Palin’?). It does need to be said, though, especially when not saying something will result in further destructive behavior. To do less is a disservice to them, oneself, and to the world, in my opinion.

So, we don’t see eye to eye on this subject. But then we don’t see eye to eye on my hanging out undergarments to dry on the line, either. They think it’s embarrassing. I think it’s perfectly fine, not in the front yard, perhaps, but certainly in one’s own backyard. I mean, gee, everybody (of the right sex) wears bras, and absolutely everybody does wear underwear…or at least most do, right? I’m sure we’ve all seen these items before…in the stores, at least, true? So what’s so embarrassing?

Oddly enough, these same folks, and there are truly several I deal with regularly, don’t have a problem with me hanging out sexy lingerie, go figure. It’s the brassieres and underwear they have a problem with. It’s the honest opinions and sometimes controversial, even antagonizing, thoughts I speak they want muted.