This morning’s practice was bitter in bare feet.

It’s twenty-four degrees outside, and my bare feet suffered this morning during practice.  It was good for me, but it definitely made me appreciate putting shoes on to work against an opponent in the second half of my morning regime.  Wow.  Good thing I didn’t look at the temperature before I started.  I would have whimpered and probably chickened out and donned shoes at the onset.  Good for me, though, that I did it, and had a very impeccable (in my triple dragon sash husband’s opinion) session.

Of other interest, we came upon another video of a Tai Chi practitioner who does some very fluid and excellent work.  My only complaint is that he tends to jerk his head aside when an attack enters.  I think he must have been hit hard somewhere young in his training, and the body memory is affecting that reaction.  He also seems to work too hard several places against an opponent. Otherwise, he’s very, very good.  See it here if the embedded video doesn’t work for you:

Meanwhile, here is the video itself:

Came Across This Video of a Martial Artist

Watch.  Pay attention to the details, not the “wows.”  Enjoy.  Work toward this level of excellence…but watch your knees on those drops.  Key’s to this level of mastery, perfect practice, and you MUST own root and center.  And, to get to this level, plan on training (meticulously) from youth to adulthood at least four hours if not eight or more hours a day, everyday, and then plan to continue to train for the rest of your life.