Yes, Book 5 is in the Works. The Series Continues.

I keep getting asked—and thank you for asking in the comments and via email, because there isn’t any way for me to communicate with readers on Amazon, anymore—the series continues …because Jessie’s life with her SAR dogs continues. Book 5 is in the works, and there are presently 12 books planned, with a 13th sketched.

The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries
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6 thoughts on “Yes, Book 5 is in the Works. The Series Continues.

  1. I volunteer in Radio Communications (eComm) and Wilderness First Aid rolls of our local emergency response team. Regrettably, I came to participate in these activities a little too late in life to be an effective SAR ground pounder or a Wilderness EMT. Your Jessica Anderson series encourages in me a thirst to be engaged, if not immersed in SAR work… canine or otherwise. I impatiently look forward to book five and beyond. Thank you for lifting up the work and sacrifices of dedicated responders.

    1. Hi Ross, Thank you for your service. Everybody who helps is absolutely critical to the success of an op. Your contribution is just as critical as everybody who’s out there chasing tails. 😀 Hugs!!!

  2. Hi there!  Just looking for Book 5 and I can’t wait. I love the new character, Sol, in book 4.  I’m not keen on the drug scene though, so we’ll see how I do with book 5.

    1. It wasn’t a fun thing for me to research all the ins and outs of drug use. I left out a lot of potential nastiness I’ve heard from ‘boots on the ground’ who have witnessed it. It is hard to write books that involve both crime and search and rescue, because those which do involve both, search and rescue and crime are usually things like abductions, kids missing because of being out of their heads after having partied and taken stuff they shouldn’t, and so on. I hear you on this, but, in actuality, the very first scene in book 4, Dire Traces, is based on something that happened this last summer …unfortunately. Hugs. And, yes, book 5 is in the works.

  3. Book one of Jessica Anderson down… I’m hooked! On to #2. 🙂 You’re an amazing writer. Keep em coming!

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