Why Landon and Jessie, both?

I’ve written novels from multiple points-of-view where there are a cast of many. These are plot-driven gallops: A Gathering of Rebels by Aeros (a novel published in two volumes because it was too big for one print book), and Created Evil by E. J. Ruek.

I’ve written novels with a single POV (point-of-view character), To Inherit a Murderer and Old Hickory Lane being examples of those which I’ve published myself.

And then there are novels with several main characters, A Montana Love Story series by C. J. “Country” James, and The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries.

Why write books with multiple points-of-view? First off, if a plot-driven story, you follow the plot by experiencing the story from the most potent perspective(s) possible, and plot dictates who that is. Second, and, to me, very important, is to be able to not just see a character from his or her perspective and attitudes, but to see him or her from another’s perspective, attitude, and experience.

Why both Jessica and Landon, though?

Jessica Anderson and Landon Reid, copyright 2022 D. L. Keur, all rights reserved.Jessica Anderson and Landon Reid,
copyright 2022 D. L. Keur, All rights reserved.

Through Jessica, we get to experience the moment-by-moment experience that is search and rescue. We get to feel her and her dogs. We get to witness her dogs respond to her as if right there with her. That’s important to me. …And you, I think.

Through Landon, we get to see Jessica and her dogs as another sees her and them, especially the dogs at work and in their dedication and loyalty.  And vice versa—we get to see Landon through Jessie’s eyes, including her dogs’ reactions to him. Sure other characters give us insights into Jessica by their reactions, but we don’t get the hands-on focus that we do from another point-of-view character, especially one integral to the events occurring that drive the story and drive the characters in that story.

The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries
Copyright D. L. Keur 2022


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  1. Will there be more books in the Jessica Anderson K-9 series?  I just started book 4 and am sad there isn’t another book waiting for me

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