Social Networking Fools

Is it something in the water? Are there really that many folks out there in the real world who have nothing better to do with their lives than “tweet” on Twitter or send instant messages, text messages (cell phones) and generally blather and blah?  How in the world do you concentrate on “doing” if all you do is blather?  Productive get-togethers are one thing, but this “social networking” is for what?  To try to win folks over to partake of your…what?  Seems to me it’s just another way to make mouth noise just because.  It’s the lonely hearts club trying to find friendship and love…or something.  Who knows.  What I know is that it’s human white-noise, and I have no use for human white noise.  It’s a waste of time and life.  Go DO SOMETHING!!!

2 thoughts on “Social Networking Fools

  1. Hmmmmm,I tend to agree.
    I take out groups of conservation volunteers and won`t allow them to take their mobile phones with them while working.Two reasons really,the first because they are too distracting and the second that they inevitably get lost and/or damaged.
    I`ve a phone `box` in the minubus under one of the seats,it`s locked securely to keep the contents safe and when on breaks,lunch etc I unlock it for the people who cannot survive without their technology fix.
    They can be hungry,wet and cold but while I`m tucking into a sandwich and a hot drink they`ll be causing a repetative strain injury to their thumbs!
    It`s a form of population control and the insidious march of unnecessary technology is designed to `hook and hold`.
    Of course in the UK there are special deals to be had if you sign up to contracts,give all your details and agree to accept more garbage and junkmail/offers through the post.
    I myself have an old(almost 10 year old actually)mobile,set up simply as a `pay as you go`,I change my sim card twice a year and never give my number out unless it`s to someone I want to have it.
    These technophiles are allowing the psychosell to wash over them like waves on a beach and it`s slowly eroding the `self`,as it`s designed to do of course.

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