Coming Up for Air

So, after a whirlwind WWW rescue project for a beleaguered friend, suffering through a failed video-recording session where nothing worked the way it was supposed to (It happens.), getting husband off for another week on the road, then spending the entirety of Monday dealing with Mom’s cardiologist appointments — yes, that’s plural, there were two of them which ate the entire day — I managed to get six hours of much-needed sleep.

Today, though, it was hit the ground running to try to catch up with all the rolling balls that had to be let go in order to do all of the above. The industrial-sized kitchen sinks (yes, plural) were stacked to the rim with dishes to be washed, the sideboards cluttered with pots, pans, cutting boards, carving knives, and food processing paraphernalia. There were two loads of laundry to run though the wash, feed bins and troughs to clean, mucking out to do, never mind vacuuming, scrubbing, mopping, and the like.

No. It’s not all done. I did what needed doing first and foremost. The rest will wait until tomorrow, because, honestly, if I don’t get a bit of time for myself, I’m apt to just go into melt-down. I am in dire need of some time off for good behavior and some much needed R&R.