So Now Bristol’s Pregnant to Take the Heat Off Palin and Cover Up?  Or What?  Call Me Suspicious.

I posted this over on the NYTimes article on Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy, announced “after a swirl of rumors by liberal bloggers that the governor’s fifth child, who was born in April, was in fact her daughter’s” where they allowed comments, .  I posted it at 8:34PM, long before they cut off comments.  The NYTimes chose not to release it…moderated my comment out, in other words.  Hmmm.  Why?  Too close to the truth?

Here’s what I posted, and, you tell me, what reason would the NYTimes have for refusing to allow the comment, especially considering all the other fiery, contentious comments, 1108 of them, a great many posted long after I posted mine.

I’m suspicious. How about: With rumors getting too close to truth (Trig is actually Bristol’s baby), in order to cover Palin’s original lie claiming Trig is her son, how about the Republicans and Palin throw the dogs off the scent by claiming Bristol is five months pregnant (pregnante 2 weeks befor Trig’s birth)? What if the truth is, Bristol is NOT pregnant, but now they get her one of those “tummies” actresses use to look pregnant? Everybody will now lay off seeking the truth about Trig being Bristol’s. Sarah’s deceit claiming the boy as hers will never be discovered, because, overnight, they had the medical records scrubbed. Then, magically, just about a week before the election, Bristol will have a miscarriage, and everybody will be oh so sympathetic…which will bring McCain/Palin some more sympathy votes, right? And no one will ever be the wiser about Sarah’s deceit about Trig. Just me suspicious about all this, mind you, but it is possible. Since it is obvious that Palin and the Rove guided McCain team have enough influence to do it, I’m betting Sarah Palin’s and Bristol’s medical records have already been “fixed.” Only a DNA test of the boy by some unimpeachable lab (hah!) would ultimately convince me that Sarah and her husband are the true parents of Trig. Do I think the Republicans and Sarah Palin truly capable of such deceits and going to such lengths. Most certainly.

COVER-UP/CENSORSHIP POSSIBILITIES UPDATE:  I went to Google, typed Bristol’s Pregnant and found this:

MyDD :: Bristol Pregnancy = Cover-Up

Sep 1, 2008 It should be easy enough to tell if Sarah Palin was pregnant five months ago. It should be even easier to tell if Bristol is pregnant within – 23k – 10 hours ago – Cached – Similar pages

Going to the link: got me a “Sorry. I can’t seem to find that story.”

Going to Google’s Cached version got me: “Your search – Bristol’s Pregnant – did not match any documents.”

Going to Google’s Similar Pages got me: “Your search – – did not match any documents.”

Wow.  Somebody is very busy with the dust pan and broom, aren’t they?