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Good Morning!

There are some things in life that make it worth it:

  • Good coffee.
  • Morning light as you get done with barn chores.
  • A gentle breeze.
  • A cat to stroke.
  • And, of course, watching a dog sniff out all the exciting traces of nightly visitors that happened through the yard since he last was out…

all of them appreciated sipping that cuppa while out sitting in the ‘brisk’ on the top porch step.


That Pesky Infinity Symbol with My Morning Coffee


Every morning…save mornings where I haven’t slept (which happens), I face this:   This is the start of my online day. (Offline starts way before, but that’s another topic.) Dutifully, I sift and sort through all the postings of my followers, opening in new tabs on those posts which bear full attention, dismissing those which don’t, plussing and sharing the ‘quickies’ that warrant it. Then starts the reading.  Today, I have over thirty tabs open and I’m not even close to done with my initial sort. There are a lot of noteworthy articles to read. There are a lot of people to respond to. Morning coffee.