Boxing Up Our Children and Delivering Them to McDonald’s and Burger King.

When the public education system goes out of its way to indoctrinate our young children, promoting McDonald’s and Burger King in songs and ditties to Kindergartners, when junk food laden with sugar, produced by Beatrice under all its various labels is proliferated as healthy in school classrooms, hallways and cafeterias, promoted as good eating by teachers, one really must wonder. Where have I witnessed this from firsthand experience?  A mom whose child was enrolled at Washington School, Sandpoint, Idaho, that child since removed from said school and placed into the Idaho Virtual Academy instead, which is proving itself first-rate as a good, solid education, and not promoting corporate interests and the dumbing down of our children that is now rampant throughout the public school system in the US.

4 thoughts on “Boxing Up Our Children and Delivering Them to McDonald’s and Burger King.

  1. The commercialization of public education has been going on for a while. I remember the exact moment billboard ads started showing up ‘inside’ faculty buildings on campus.

    Take a look at this expose…its enough to have you tearing up cobblestones and throwing them at public buildings!

  2. Yeah.  But for some strange reason, I thought we had curtailed this.  I thought wrong, it seems.  Or the school district gave lip service to the parents’ and community demands, and did their own thing anyway.

  3. Hello Dawn,

    Its been a really long time since we last spoke, and a lot of crap has kept me busy, namely a wife and son. However, she left and took my son. I am thinking of returning to Sandpoint. I would be looking for a place to stay, and will be finding work as soon as I am able to get there.

    For now, since you don’t know, I have become a semi-DJ, mixing my own trance/techno music. And I also produce Anime Music Videos for fun. If your interested, you can see the videos on my ID at
    The ID is AerylonBW

    Those are not all of them, there are three or four with a Christian standing. I leave it up to you to watch em or not.

    As far as my music, you can hear it at

    My profile on MySpace has not been updated in some time. And when I get time to do so, I shall redo it, for now its very hard to read.
    My sons name is Ethan Constantine Cox (not after a movie) He is 17 months old. My divorce will be final in January. Please write me back. My Yahoo messenger ID is aerylonblackwolf

    See ya later. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Daniel Cox.

  4. Hi Daniel,

    Yes, I got your email and responded…this posted just so viewers here don’t wonder whether or not I saw this.


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