Happy and Not, Both.  But back.

Time to get back into posting after an overlong suspension.  My eyes are better.  My brain is better.  There are still things not right, but at least I can get a bit of “on” time, now.

Things I’m happy with:

  • our new home
  • my new garden
  • having my full-sized piano in whim’s reach
  • having happy animals
  • having more houseplants

Things I’m not happy with:

  • my body (yet)
  • my eyes (yet)

(brain seems to be doing fine)

More things I’m not happy with:

  • not having enough time
  • the companies
  • GWBush
  • John McCain & the Republicans
  • the economy
  • world and US news
  • how damned hot it is in the sun!!!
  • the Festival at Sewer Plant in Sandpoint
  • people who insist on putting their foot in it, roaring down the street at 55 (the speed limit is 25)
  • people who do nothing but get in their cars and drive up street, then back every effing fifteen minutes (What IS this drive ALL THE TIME thing????  Are they twitchy?  Hyperactive?  Have ADD?)