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Tried That. Didn't Work.

My feeds used to be filled with so many how-to articles on, both, writing and marketing books that my brain wanted to pack up and move ...until I figured out how to shut them off.  A few still sneak through because I follow a lot of authors ...and authors just love to write about writing and about marketing their books ...because they think it will get them more book sales by getting eyes on their sidebars and interest in them as authors.

The only person I really attend on the subject is Nathan Lowell.  Still, I go my own way, and why is because what works for him doesn't necessarily work for me.

My marketing strategy does not include any of the 'tried and true', because, the tried and true are, in my opinion, bogus for anyone who isn't a clique leader and who doesn't write what's most popular.  I'm no clique leader, and I certainly don't write what the U.S.  masses enjoy.

Oh, I can write it, and, yes, I have written it, but, thankfully, under a pen name I no longer employ.  More than wonderful is that everything like that is pretty much out of print, now, with only a few used copies, all printed on old-fashioned paper, still circulating.  I've got the rights back for most of them, so they'll be no stealth releases, either, by their previous publishing rights holder.  I was lucky in that.  I know a few who aren't.

Articles about Writing, Self-Publishing, Being an Author, and Marketing Books













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