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About Playing Flute & Performing, index

  1. The Magnificent Musical Mind of F. W. Lineberry
  2. I've Never Been a Competitive Player ...Except With Myself
  3. Glass Curtain Shattered in Sandpoint Last Night
  4. My Daily Flute Repertoire Practice List
  5. A Weekend of Work & Music
  6. Those Darned Holes!
  7. My Hands, and the Rewarding Follow-up
  8. Update on Me & My New Digital Grand Piano.
  9. Living in the Past Performance Video Released ...Finally.
  10. In for a Digital Grand
  11. My Morning Funny
  12. When the POG2 and the Digitech Throw Tantrums
  13. The Upbeat Man and the Downbeat Woman
  14. Latest Audio Release — Hold Your Head Up
  15. An Epic Session Despite Residual Effects
  16. A Monday Spent in Recovery
  17. Playing Tull's Living in the Past
  18. The Mix-Down Session
  19. White Bread
  20. With Laughter ...at Myself!



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