DLKeur: To Infinity & Beyond, Forever

author/novelist, artist, webmaster & website designer


I just spent the last few days cleaning up my web presence and dumping any extraneous communication contacts. I need to narrow my focus a lot. Taking care of Mom and this huge house, especially after being so very sick from contracting H1N1, despite a flu shot, has really taken its toll on me. So, I’ve finally hit the wall and woken up to the fact that I’ve got to practice personal conservation of energy. To that end, I’ve streamlined zentao.com, dumped The Deepening, will be transferring ownership of Jam Session, and have nullified all websites except this one, the aforementioned zentao.com, and EJRuek.com.

So what am I going to do with all the extra time I’ll supposedly have? Write books and stories, do more personally satisfying art projects, both professionally and for my own personal satisfaction. Oh, and, yes, play music with my wonderful husband.