Sluggish Starts and Determined Finishes.

The students were sluggish this morning, and finding a pace and an exercise that would get mind, body, and spirit engaged proved keeping them off-guard and moving to a lesson of principle and concept.  After the initial two hours of changing direction on them mid-stride, I finally started to see a real focus begin to happen. 

Sometimes, to gain a foothold on surety, one has to keep the student off balance long enough and shift the balance quick enough that they finally find their “feet.”

By the end of session, I was seeing some real use of root, weighting, and attending, all critical to effective martial arts and self-defense. 

They bowed in with a lack of definition in their minds and bodies, their spirits sluggish, but they ended the class and bowed out with energy, determination, and a sense of being.

I’m pleased…though it was work to get them there — three solid hours of work.  Now for a nap…after I do a few chores.