Ethiopia!  Crimes against humanity Bush supports & encourages

This reported today:

 INTERNATIONAL / AFRICA   | June 18, 2007
In Ethiopian Desert, Fear and Cries of Army Brutality
At the epicenter of a war pitting nomads against one of the biggest armies in Africa, villagers said they had been brutalized by government troops.

Despite horrific rapes, torture, murder, cruelty, and terror by government troops, despite mass annihilation of political opposition and demonstrators, the Bush and Cheney adminstration openly supports the Ethiopian government, writing them blank checks for NON-HUMANITARIAN aid — miliatry support. That means, folks, that Bush and Cheney are using your tax dollars to underwrite the atrocities perpetuated by the Ethiopian military, its troops and leaders, sanctioned by the Ethiopian government.  And, by using your tax dollars to do this (billions of dollars per year, by the way), that means YOU (and I) are actually responsible for this perpetration of evil. 

Journalists who report these atrocities are jailed, run out of the country and permanently banned. 

Republican’s, you WONDER why the American people are angry with you who do nothing to stop Bush and Cheney, you who simply rubber stamp their any arrogant demand?

 This is NOT the America of my father and his father.  This is NOT my America. My America stands for justice and right, not depravity as perpetrated by this sadistically corrupt administration. 

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