Recently, someone requested a bid on a corporate website design.  I responded characteristically with a quote and my usual terms. They immediately replied, asking me to repeat what I’d already said in my response — what would it cost for just a mock-up of my design ideas?  I quoted myself and hit send.  I have yet to hear back from them, though I did receive a read receipt.

It always startles folks that they have to pay for me to mock-up a website design idea, but not commercial artwork.  They think that I should do the mock-up for free, like I do book covers, CD covers, and brochures.  Nope.  Here’s why: You’ll take my design, go over to some Indian coding group and have them reproduce it for pennies on the U.S. dollar.  You’ll be using my design and not paying me for my time and ideas.  In other words, I’d be letting you steal from me.

Three-hundred dollars for a look at my ideas isn’t outrageous at all, especially when you can grab a screenshot of my ideas and still head out to some second or third world country to have some starving coder do it for you for a few hundred bucks.

A mock-up isn’t XHTML and CSS, either.  Nope.  Nor is it search engine optimized by my team which is very good at getting your website up in ranking.  It’s a .jpg snapshot of a website that could be, no code included. I’m not in business to give away my ideas and my secrets. If you want them, regardless of where you have it coded up, you do have to pay for it, and, like I said, $300 ain’t much for a world-class idea.


  1. Hi Dawn,sorry my visits are somewhat infrequent but hey I`m sure you understand it`s quality not quantity that counts in this world?
    I hope you and yours are staying happy and healthy?
    Have you heard about the Greenpeace forum being terminated?
    We,the members have been utilising one of your threads to speak out(This is a Greenpeace forum,yes?).If you pay a sneaky visit you`ll see those of us that have voiced our opinions,me possibly more vociferously than others.
    Another member,Kheldar has opened a forum here:

    I`m really not too good with computer technology but I would certainly trust your views and ideas on how it may be better `customised` etc.


  2. Hmmm,this is odd,I`m sure I left a comment on this thread.Tsk,tsk my pc abilities are still in the early hominid stages.
    I just wanted to let you know of the latest mullarkey over at the greenpeace forum Dawn,it`s to be terminated.Many of the long standing members have used one of your threads(This is a GreenPeace forum,yes?)to comment and request explanations/have a good rant etc.
    Me being the `chief` ranter!
    Another member Kheldar has started a forum here:

    Could I request of you your ideas/suggestions as to how you feel it looks and seems to operate if you`ve the time and inclination?
    Although I`m aware things are not too good just now from my reading your other thread about the time spent at the AMA.


  3. Hahahahaha,well there`s the proof if ever you needed it,my pc skills are firmly in the `limited` department.

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