Why are American’s Angry?

Whether you’re a right winger, a left-winger, a progressive, regressive, or even *gasp* an independent/centrist/middle-of-the-roader–heck, enven if you’re a fence-sitter–I bet, like me, you’re mad as hell at the state of our union.

1 ) Not enough good paying jobs of any sort to go around for people who want to work.

2 ) Too many illegal aliens, a lot of them bad apples, entering this country.

3 ) Too many illegal aliens willing to work for low wages in this country making it a boon to employers who want cheap labor.

4 ) Too many employers getting away with hiring illegal aliens, abusing them, and paying them wages a dog couldn’t eat on.

5 ) Too many Wall Streeters making money by trading off American livelihoods.

6 ) Too many media moguls slanting everything to benefit their bottom line instead of doing their jobs of reporting unslanted news.

7 ) Too many stupid laws that concern things best left up to the individual.

8 ) Too many good laws being ignored and violated because it pays somebody’s bottom line.

9 ) Criminals walking around free with open access to guns and explosives while law-abiding citizens are denied the right to carry weapons.

10 ) Too much focus by elected officials on getting re-elected instead of doing their jobs.

Add your own below.


  1. You know, when your next door neighbor whose lived in her own house since 1981 has to sell because suddenly her husband isn’t working and their investments aren’t paying now, either, and they’re running out of savings, something’s really warped.

  2. 1. Our teachers not making enough money/school funding for programs such as the arts and music getting slashed while the football team gets all the money.

    2. Hate, racism, and sexism, AND ageism still being around, yet we ignore it and pretend that America is so very fair.

    3. Gay people still can’t get married.

    4. People getting light sentences for abusing and murdering children and women when we will put someone away for 100 years for doing drugs.

    5.  Our government still believes in the war on drugs.

    6.  The southern states (especially) who can’t seem to understand the seperation between church and state.

    7. How so many people can’t seem to understand the constitution or many of the other processes of government and our laws and their insistence that our nation was founded as solely christian.

    8.  How hard it is to make a decent living these days.

    9.  How systems put in place to “help” single mothers do nothing but give them a metric f*ck ton of paperwork, countless hours spent in an office with people who don’t care about you, countless time spent on the phone with callous jerks, and other red tape nonsense.

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