Love VS Lust Discernment Problems?

I just saw this Facebook ad: “A story chronicling the college years of a young woman as she struggles to distinguish love from lust.” I am just laughing my **** off. So young women today don’t know the difference between love and lust? Really? You can’t tell when it’s your pheromones kicking that’s getting you “hot” versus when it’s your heart and mind that truly admires and desires to be with someone forever? That’s really sad. But, then, I suppose that’s been true of a lot of girls and women who put sex as high on their list of priorities versus friendship. Here’s a hint: marry your best friend…after living together for a few years, of course, to make sure the relationship really is a “forever” thing. And don’t have kids until that marriage has made it without them for a solid five years.


  1. Learned the hard way that making excuses as people change (in ways that are harmful and abusive) is the single worst thing you can do to yourself.  It will now take years to undo all that.  That’s my advice to younger women.  The signs are all there at the beginning…don’t excuse them away.  They’ll only get worse.

    Took me thirty years to find REAL love.  The kind they write sonnets about. 🙂 When it’s real it builds you up…it doesn’t tear at who you are.

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