No, I Won’t. Don’t Expect It.

I belong to a number of organizations which focus on varied causes, from preserving our wildlife and wilderness and stopping starvation, deprivation, and/or cruelty to preserving our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  I sign petitions, write my congressional representatives and senators, and generally participate in the socio-political process, a “process” I find fundamentally flawed and tedious, but, nevertheless, necessary until and unless a better system is implemented (something I also work toward).

More and more, I find that, instead of email campaigns and petitions, I’m asked to spend time, effort, and money to “call” my congressional reps and senators–state, local, and federal.  This is asking way too much, and the answer is “no.”  Don’t expect me to add more to my to-do list, and, if you persist in hounding me to do so, you’ll lose my support.