Site Updates and Upgrades in Progress

Yeah. I know. It’s about time, huh! So, I’m working on and, then it will be right after. Then, I’ll see about revitalizing Aeros’ site. Meanwhile, I did release another E. J. Ruek book. I just never got around to posting it up here on this, my main website. It’s titled Slightly Disturbing Stories and those folks who’ve read it seem to really, really like it.

Sheer Joy…And Not Much Drudgery

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comWhen I quit doing web developments a few years back, there was sheer relief and a rewarding sense of freedom, of being able to breathe, again.

Then I closed all but four of my own websites, allowing only,,, and to remain active, changed from promoting other people’s books and novels to its original intent.  More relief, more freedom, more space to breathe and try to follow my own projects.

This year, I began to ease back on doing professional graphic art.  I retained a handful of good clients, but, mostly, I say “no” to the requests I get. First off, it’s a real pain to have to deal with people who, not having a real grasp on what they actually want, have set ideas on what they think they want. Then, when you produce that, after they approve it, they decide months down the road that it’s actually not what they want, and they get all sorts of upset when you tell them they’ll have to pay for another design to be conceived and completed.  It’s pure drudgery with not much reward for the soul, regardless of how well it adds to the bottom line.

Now, I’ve turned my focus to my true love in life–writing novels–and, while there’s still some drudgery involved–reading and editing that manuscript yet one more time; promoting what’s already published–there’s sheer joy and happiness for a story well-told and appreciated.

Truly, I’m almost as happy writing as I am riding.  Only being with Forrest trumps it all.

Yesterday was, in a Word, Interesting.

Yesterday proved one of those days of constant surprises.  It started with a site update that turned into a flurry of wannabe clients using the new forms to inundate me with crazy requests.  Next was the loss of a purse by an elderly neighbor who begged my help. (Found the purse, no problem, and, no, she shouldn’t scold herself.  For heaven’s sake, I forget where I lay my keys three seconds after laying them down.  Wish you could “call” keys like you do a lost cell so you could track them down.)  Then came the call that a little boy very near and dear to us almost choked to death.  Next was the pissed off nineteen-year-old little brother.  There was the student in need of advisement.  And last but not least was this very odd email wanting to know how much I’d sell for.   Very suspicious, this last, because the emailer claims his name is John Y Chu, suspiciously close to author, prankster, and friend John Chew.   And of course there’s Dr. Mononculous and the Million Writers Award race. 

I didn’t get much scratched off my to-do list, I went to bed when I usually get up, and got up this morning five hours later than usual to lukewarm coffee.  Still need to make fresh…which is where I’m off to now.  Then it’s back at the list.

Oh, the boys got that 85k+ job — congrats, all.  Good job.  Now to build it.  *grin*