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No Sleep, but Lovely Wonderful Rain.

I haven’t had any sleep…well, a nap of minutes, but that doesn’t count.  Today is quiet — blissfully quiet.  Whenver it rains, the world turns quiet, and it’s GREAT.  I love the rain. I love that people stay in their homes sulking, allowing me to enjoy quietude.  It’s wonderful.

Of course, I’m a little depressed, too.  I just got wind of some more very ugly, ugly plans for the area and the neighborhood.   I need to move far, far away where no human, only nature, moves the landscape.  I absolutely abhor development of any kind.  We’re just marring the planet.  Ugly. 

Know what we need?  A world-wide virus to sterilize the entire human race and another one to attack any clones or in vitro fertilization attempts.  Until we’re down to a stable population under 1 billion world wide.  Then we need something to make sure we keep it at that level forever.

A Sony Friday; a Sony Saturday, too.  *Sigh*

Husband gets wild hair.  Let’s put all the CDs inside a stereo unit.  In fact, let’s get two or three of these things and put the stuff we mostly listen to on them.

Ah, honey?  Let’s try one.  First.  If it works, we’ll think about running them in series.  Okay?

Awwwww.   Yeah.  Okay.  You’re probably right.

I roll eyes.  He gets so enthusiastic, then, when you suggest just a tad bit of self-restraint, it’s like you dashed cold water on him.  But he dries off fast.  Good thing.

But.  This is going to be a P-R-O-J-E-C-T.  With a super capital P.

Hubs BUYS Sony CDP-CX445.  It arrives, 2nd day air UPS.  I groan when I see, then HEFT, the box.

Okaaaaaay, I think, brace yourself, knowing that means that I’m going to spend all night, all day, all night, all day again, and probably another all day, helping.  There goes the weekend!

He’s so excited when he hears it actually got here.  On time.  In Podunk, Idaho, no less.  He races home.  He unpacks it.  He pulls 400 CD’s, stashing the jewel cases in a box. He dumps the Styrofoam packing into the garbage.  He hasn’t yet broken the box down, though, and I have to keep walking around it to help him when he smartly commands, “Hand me that wire.  Hand me that flashlight.  Hold this.”


He’s in bliss.

So I finally crash.  He stays up till 4AM loading the CD’s into it.  Morning comes.  He’s out of bed in a flash, four hours earlier than usual. 


“Will you type the artists, album names, and slot numbers for me into an Excel spreadsheet?”

Right.  “Okay,” I say, hoping it will only take maybe an hour to do.  I mean 400 slots is a piece of cake to type.  Should only take a little bit of time, right?  Because how bad can a piece of electronics slow something down. 

HINT: It takes almost a full minute for the machine to read the Artist and Album label because it first has to laboriously load the CD, taste it, think about it, then decide if it wants to show you the answer.  (I start twitching after the first five.  I’ll be a basket case after fifty, never mind you might as well call the men in white coats after the full four-hundred.)

We start doing a comedy show to ease the pain as he presses next and I wait patiently like dutiful wife, fingers hovering over keys.

…We get through 200 of them…in two hours.  I’m about buggy.  And…and…and…we’re halfway through.  He does a rah-rah arm pump.  I just want to GET DONE.  “And 201?” I ask.

“It’s not reading it,” says he, which means he has to hit play so we can listen to it to identify artist/album.  And….


We check again.  Nope, disc is fine.  Change the CD to somewhere else.  Nope, disc is fine.  Load something else into slot 201.  Skips.  Ummmm.  Go backwards and forwards from 200.  Skip.  Stops skipping when it is at 189.  Everything back of 189 is fine.  Everything forward of 189 skips.

Now what?

Call electronic stores.

Call everybody.



No. Not. Never.


…And he’s still researching “another solution.”

So, what are we going to be doing?  Tearing this entire house apart again, laboriously loading CD’s back into their jewel cases, and….

And…I don’t know.

I think I’ll put on some Dokken on the five CD changer and try to ease my migraine.

…I HATE Sony.  Have since they started that proprietary nonsense.  Then they started that invasive crap.  Sony = contemptible.  And their electronics SUX a bad egg.

Yesterday was, in a Word, Interesting.

Yesterday proved one of those days of constant surprises.  It started with a site update that turned into a flurry of wannabe clients using the new forms to inundate me with crazy requests.  Next was the loss of a purse by an elderly neighbor who begged my help. (Found the purse, no problem, and, no, she shouldn’t scold herself.  For heaven’s sake, I forget where I lay my keys three seconds after laying them down.  Wish you could “call” keys like you do a lost cell so you could track them down.)  Then came the call that a little boy very near and dear to us almost choked to death.  Next was the pissed off nineteen-year-old little brother.  There was the student in need of advisement.  And last but not least was this very odd email wanting to know how much I’d sell for.   Very suspicious, this last, because the emailer claims his name is John Y Chu, suspiciously close to author, prankster, and friend John Chew.   And of course there’s Dr. Mononculous and the Million Writers Award race. 

I didn’t get much scratched off my to-do list, I went to bed when I usually get up, and got up this morning five hours later than usual to lukewarm coffee.  Still need to make fresh…which is where I’m off to now.  Then it’s back at the list.

Oh, the boys got that 85k+ job — congrats, all.  Good job.  Now to build it.  *grin* 

Okay, so I lied. isn’t updated.

CSS that’s “W3 compliant” sucks.  Why?  Because any script, like those doing previews at takes it and makes it look like SHIT.  My “partial remodel” job of this very old site, using div containers instead of tables, everything mapped out on a pixel grid, wound up looking GREAT in all popular browsers, from opera to firefox to IE.  It even looked good on older browsers…and on Macs.  Then I had do a “preview” of it. 

GASP!  Quick, get the OLD index back up there!


Back to tables.

About “Infinity & Beyond, Forever”

One email I got today was simply curious what I mean by: “Infinity & Beyond, Forever.”  They ventured to suggest that it sounded a bit arrogant, officious, or juvenile. 

Well, first, let it be known, I NEVER, EVER grew up.  (I’m only five-foot-five…and that’s stretching it.)  More, though, I am perpetually the curious six-year-old — always exploring, investigating, thinking about “stuff,” and observing.  My persistent question is “why.” (Used to drive my teachers CRAZY!)

Aside from that fact, here is where that comes from. I have a saying when teaching the zentao thoughtway:  “Take it to infinity, then take it beyond.”  This is a perpetual (the forever part) admonishment when exploring any posit, precept, idea, concept, ideological perspective….

So that’s its explanation.  I might change it, but, right now, in the flurry of trying to juggle running five businesses, keep up with phone calls and email, keep an eye on the servers, websites, and do some actual coding and graphic work, as well as setting up the links, look, and accessories that this blog and website needs, well, that’s lower down on my list. 😀

For the Record

Okay, so my blog is, what?, one day, maybe two days old.  And here comes the email!  Am I some sort of “bleeding heart liberal?”  Am I “one of those weird [expletive deleted] ungodly atheists?” Am I….



  • I exercise my right to vote — regularly exercise it
  • I vote my conscience, not some party affiliation
  • I’m a U.S. citizen, could easily be a member of DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution, for the acronym-impaired) should I have chosen to join…and I was invited, yes.
  • Believe in a woman’s right to CHOOSE
  • Believe in the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, including handguns using hollow-point bullets
  • Believe that “cunt power” — Feminists who promote reverse discrimination — should get a dose of what they preach fully and thoroughly applied until they figure out that EQUAL TREATMENT APPLIES TO EVERYONE, regardless of whether they have software or hardware.  Same goes for RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, and ANY OTHER DISTINCTION
  • Believe that all things, both living and inert, deserve respect, own the basic right to exist, to self-determination, and to non-interference
  • Rapists should be castrated and have their penis amputated
  • Premeditated murderers should be at least incarcerated for life, and definitely executed if the act was heinous
  • George Bush is the worst U.S. President in modern history, and, in all probability, because his actions had the farthest-reaching global ramifications, the worst U.S. President of all time
  • I’m a Preservationist. That means I’m a tree-hugger, a Spotted-Owl lover, a crow lover, a raven lover, a condor lover, a grizzly lover (they scare me, though), a wolf lover, a rain forest lover, and, especially, an old growth forest lover…
  • I believe in using Solar power.  I also believe in nuclear power.
  • We should send our nuclear waste to the sun…provided that it isn’t going to destabilize it
  • War should never happen.  Not ever. 
  • We should consolidate humanity into small islands of well-planned, high-rise urban development, not allow suburban sprawl or the development of rural land and wilderness.
  • Human population is the most critical factor driving the planet’s problems.  I’m for negative population growth.  We need to get the total population down under one billion, and keep it there.  How to do it?  Voluntary self-control.  (Of course, I know it’s impossible, but it’s the truth.) 
  • Children should have two parents, the exception being when one parent is killed or incapacitated. 
  • Parents have an obligation to raise their children to be productive, responsible, moral, ethical, and tolerant.

That’s enough, I think, for now. 

This is NOT my America

Interrogators threatened to send him to Egypt or Saudi Arabia, the lawsuit said, “where, they told him, he would be tortured and sodomized and where his wife would be raped in front of him.”

NYTimes June 12, 2007, Judges Say U.S. Can’t Hold Man As ‘Combatant’By ADAM LIPTAK

Want to know what makes me, a patriot, a Constitutionalist, ashamed? That this sort of thing can even be conceived, much less carried out…and sanctioned by my America.  My America has turned into “his Amerika” — a Little Tyrant’s Personal Dictatorship. 

I’m ashamed to be an American — ASHAMED.  …No.  That’s not quite right.  Americans are all right, no worse and sometimes a lot better than people from other cultures and countries.  However, I am ashamed of some Americans — Bush and Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove, and everyone who enabled them.  I’m certainly embarrassed that Americans have allowed our country’s most precious foundations to be abrogated on the insolent, logically erroneous, petulantly willful demands of an administration that used 911 as a personal stage to undermine what made us the greatest nation ever conceived by man — the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Imagine a country that denies the right of Habeas Corpus.  That’s our America.  I shuddered.  The Patriot Act? I was in shock that Congress sanctioned this.  Preemptive war?  Aghast.  And “We, the People” allowed this, did nothing to stop it.

This is NOT my America.  Be ashamed.

Now for the FUN stuff!

That’s right, I said “Fun.”

I’ve always wanted to create a visual conundrum.  I lace them into my art, but I want to stir trouble in your brain cells.  I want synapses snapping and snarling at one another as they worry themselves dizzy. 

Yep, I’m plotting FUN on this website — stuff to keep you cussing at me and dying to know “The Answer.”  Maybe I won’t do a good enough job.  Maybe you’ll all figure it out in a gnat’s blink.  We’ll see.  That’s the challenge — me against “y’all.”  *snicker, smirk, grin*